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31 Jul

issues listed & described


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This assignment requires you to write a report dealing with the issues listed anddescribed below. Schedules and cost estimates are not required for the very goodreason that they involve an imprecise process that is part of project managementrather than an analysis and design activity.Part A should be set up as a report, with an introduction and appropriate headingsreflecting the topics and tasks below.Before you proceed, read (if you have not already done so):? “Activities of Core Process 1: Identify the Problem and Obtain Approval” on pp.262–271 of the textbook.? “Stakeholders” on pp. 46–48 of the textbook.Also, download the files on the Car Sharing case study from the ImportantResources block on the right of the course home page, and read through them.Carefully review the definition of all terms and concepts in the detailed instructionsbelow!Your report should be set up as follows:I. The Business EnvironmentThis section of the report should provide sufficient background information to allowsomeone not familiar with the business situation to understand the justification forthis project.Start by addressing the following tasks:1. Identify the business need for the Car Sharing IS project.2. Consider the needed interfaces to other systems.3. Analyze the system stakeholders, and briefly describe their “stakes.”Stakeholders include the project sponsor and internal and external users. Thetextbook provides an example for the RMO case. See p. 49 of the textbook, andespecially Figure 2-7.
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