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11 Jan

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IT Systems Management CIS4022-N CIS4022_ICABrief.docxPete Dwyer 30/12/2019 Page 1
Module Title:Information Technology for SystemsManagement
Module Leader:
Module Code:CIS4021-N
Assignment Title:Management Briefing| In-tray exercise|Learning Journal
Deadline Date: 8.1.2020 TBC
Deadline Time: 4:00pm
Submission Method:Online (Blackboard) 
Online Submission Notes:• Please follow carefully the instructions given on the Assignment Specification• When Extenuating Circumstances (e.g. extension) has been granted, a fully completed andsigned Extenuating Circumstances form must be submitted to the School Reception oremailed to scdt-assessments@tees.ac.uk.
IT Systems Management CIS4022-N CIS4022_ICABrief.docxPete Dwyer 30/12/2019 Page 2ICA Requirements & Logistics1. RequirementsYour in-course assessment for this module consists of three parts:1. A team-based management briefing presentation2. A response to an in-tray exercise representing an IT management task3. A learning journal reflecting on your studies and their implications for ITmanagementYou are required to submit appropriate reports and supporting artefacts for all of thesecomponents via Blackboard by the due date.The minimum word length for the exercises will vary according to the nature of the taskrequirements. If no indication is given, you may use your judgement.1.1. Management Briefing Presentation (Group, 30%)This part of the in-course assessment is intended to address Learning Outcomes 2, 4 and 6For this element of the assessment you will be organised into small groups to prepare anddeliver a presentation based on a suitable subject representing a contemporary IT businesschallenge or trend. Topics will be agreed by negotiation with your tutor and may includesubjects such as ‘Big Data’, ‘Cloud Computing’, ‘Cyber Security’ etc.Each group’s presentation should last approximately 20 minutes. You will be required tosubmit a set of PowerPoint presentation slides suitably annotated and each member of thegroup must indicate clearly their contribution.Assessment of each presentation will be by tutor-moderated peer assessment. A groupmark will be awarded by peer groups for each presentation (excluding their own) and thiswill be adjusted via the peer assessments to calculate individual marks.Appropriate peer assessment documentation will be made available via Blackboard.IT Systems Management CIS4022-N CIS4022_ICABrief.docxPete Dwyer 30/12/2019 Page 31.2 In-tray exercises (Individual, 30%)This part of the in-course assessment is intended to address Learning Outcomes 3, 4, 5 and6.Your response to the in-tray exercise is individual and detailed in Appendix 1. The in-trayexercise will require you to prepare a separate report and supporting artefacts. To completethe exercise, you must undertake relevant analysis and produce a suitable report withsupporting documentation (e.g. a spread sheet model) as required.1.3 Learning Journal (Individual, 30%)This part of the in-course assessment is intended to address Learning Outcome 1Your learning journal should critically reflect upon your learning experience and how themodule topics, exercises and learning opportunities have facilitated your personaldevelopment. You should include work you have attempted as evidence to support yourreflective commentary and include references to reading and other materials you haveconsulted. The journal should be maintained as a Word or Open Office document andcompleted weekly.Finally, the presentation of all of your work will be weighted 10%.2. DeliverablesYou must submit your ICA work to BB by the due date. Create a zip file which contains all ofyour work (i.e. MSWord, PowerPoint or Excel documents) and is clearly labelled foruploading to BB. Use the following naming convention studentnumber_lastname.zip (e.g.x1234567_smith.zip)Your work must contain your: Slideware for the PowerPoint presentation and your group and peer assessmentforms, clearly indicating which parts of the presentation you are responsible for. Your In-tray exercise report and supporting artifacts that you have developed inresponse to the in-tray task requirements Your Reflective Learning Journal, including references to reading or research andevidence of your participation in contact sessions.A submission link will be available via Blackboard under the Assessments link.IT Systems Management CIS4022-N CIS4022_ICABrief.docxPete Dwyer 30/12/2019 Page 43. LogisticsAfter the in-course assessment briefing has taken place and the assessment requirementsmade available, you will have the opportunity to progress your work and receive formativefeedback during study sessions as scheduled.Progress reviews with your tutors will be facilitated during timetabled sessions to monitorand guide your assessment responses. Such reviews will provide formative feedback on yourprogress and assistance with any difficulties but cannot include any marking of your work.4. SubmissionThe deadline for submission (and the date on which you will receive feedback) will bedetermined by the Program Leader or Centre Leader as appropriate and can be accessedfrom: School Intranet | Student Information | ICA Submission Dates.Please ensure your submitted documentation is clearly labelled with your name andrelevant details.Please also make sure that submitted documentation has been tested and verified and isnot corrupted in any way which would prevent access for marking.5. FeedbackFeedback and marks for this assessment will be released on the date given in the ICAAssessments Schedule available at: School Intranet | Student Information | ICA SubmissionDates.6. Academic MisconductFinally, Teesside University takes the issue of plagiarism very seriously. You should submityour work to the Turnitin system via Blackboard to check that you have not breached anyacademic misconduct or plagiarism rules.IT Systems Management CIS4022-N CIS4022_ICABrief.docxPete Dwyer 30/12/2019 Page 57. Outline Marking FrameworkYour overall mark will be calculated as indicated below using a multi-attribute markingframework for each of the parts.
Actual Mark(maximum 100)
Overall Mark
Overall Presentation
Group paper presentation
less peer assessment adjustment
Individual mark for paper
In-Tray Exercise
Learning Journal
max 100%
Presentation of individually submitted documentation is weighted at 10%. Documentsshould employ a consistent, suitable corporate style or livery and observe good reportpresentation and formatting conventions.Group-based paper presentationEach group’s presentation will be peer assessed by other groups. A maximum of 30% maybe awarded for the overall presentation. Individual marks will then be adjusted asappropriate based on internal peer assessment. Group marking will be tutor moderated.The In-tray exercise is weighted at 30% overall. Artefacts should be carefully prepared andtested prior to submission.The reflective learning journal is weighted at 30% and should document your learningexperience throughout the module, including evidence of your study and your reading.All components will be assessed using a multi-attribute rating schema for each part of thein-course assessment.Guideline criteria for marking each part are outlined below.IT Systems Management CIS4022-N CIS4022_ICABrief.docxPete Dwyer 30/12/2019 Page 6PRESENTATION OF DOCUMENTATION (applies to parts 2 and 3 of the ICA)
Presentation [10%]
Marks 80 + [professional | outstanding]Documentation is polished and professional, demonstrating appropriate use oflanguage, consistent application of corporate livery with compelling styling andlayout. Excellent organization and structure. Very well-referenced.
Marks 70 – 79 [excellent]Documents are well-organised and clearly presented, observing relevant reportformatting conventions but could benefit from more polish or consistent stylingand a little more considered use of language. Good referencing.
Marks 60 – 69 [ very good | good | decent ]]Documents are organised and acceptably presented but would benefit from amuch more polished layout, consistency in styling and more attention to grammaror use of language. Referencing could also be more carefully considered.
Marks 50 – 59 [acceptable]Documents are inadequately and inconsistently presented, requiring significantlymore work regarding styling, layout of content and grammar. Referencing is mixedand needs more careful attention. Otherwise, the content appears to be suitablefor purpose.
Marks < 50Presentation is unsatisfactory for this level of study or no submission
MANAGEMENT BRIEFING (part 1 of the ICA: 30%)Students will be directed to investigate and develop a suitable marking scheme for this partof the ICA which must be agreed with the tutor.Elements of the Management Briefing which may be considered for the schema include:▪ Justification for selected IT-Business challenge▪ Subject Research (qualitative and quantitative)▪ Quality and range of arguments, conclusion and recommendations▪ Use of presentation media▪ Team performanceIT Systems Management CIS4022-N CIS4022_ICABrief.docxPete Dwyer 30/12/2019 Page 7As this part of the assessment will normally be a group based exercise, there will also be anelement of peer assessment.IN-TRAY EXERCISE (part 2 of the ICA: 30%)
Characteristics of Response
90+ [professional | outstanding]Analysis and interpretation of the data was undertaken using a dashboardapproach employing a suitable software environment and graphical presentationto highlight critical elements in the data. The dashboard provided some dynamicdata manipulation features and employed a variety of supporting statisticalcalculations and modelling. Supporting reports were very well designed anddeveloped and accompanied by a well-developed action agenda supporting thedata analysis.80+ [excellent | extensive]Analysis was undertaken using suitable software and commonplace statisticalanalysis making use of the environmental formatting features to highlightimportant elements in the data, but it could benefit from further developmentof the analysis and more graphical presentation of the data and analyticalresults. A suitable action agenda was developed using the results of the analysis.Supporting reports were reasonably well developed and accompanied by asuitable action agenda supporting the data analysis.70+ [substantive]Analysis of the data was undertaken using a suitable software tool(s) (e.g. aspreadsheet) and some basic statistical calculations. The environment wasmostly used for numerical data processing and made little use of any datapresentation features. Supporting reports were sutable for purpose but couldbenefit from further work.
60 – 69
[exemplary]Analysis of the data was undertaken using some simple statistical processing andcalculation but it could be significantly enhanced with more in-depth statisticalanalysis and by using a suitable software tool. Results of the analysis andproposals for a responsive action could also be more considered. Supportingreports were acceptable but would benefit from more considered and detailedcontent
50 – 59
[evincive]Analysis of the data was undertaken by inspection and some relevantobservations made, demonstrating an attempt to take a managerial view but theinterpretation and proposals for action were very limited. Supporting reportsindicated how such documentation could be developed but required much morework.
IT Systems Management CIS4022-N CIS4022_ICABrief.docxPete Dwyer 30/12/2019 Page 8
[inadequate]The submitted work was insufficiently well-developed for this level of study andcould be improved substantially by using more thoughtful inspection and use ofmore statistical tools.
IT Systems Management CIS4022-N CIS4022_ICABrief.docxPete Dwyer 30/12/2019 Page 9LEARNING JOURNAL (part 3 of the ICA: 30%)
Learning Journal [30%]
Marks 80 + [90 + outstanding | 80 + excellent]The learning journal is very well-structured, organised and extensive. Each subject session isdiscussed in detail. The subject is contextualised and outlined with details of the supporting,enabling exercises and the intended learning outcomes. Good evidence of engagement isprovided to demonstrate work undertaken.Considered, reflective commentary discusses a variety of personal learning outcomes andself-development arising from the subject session. The journal recognises different types oflearning outcomes from growth in knowledge, to development of skills or changes inattitudes and perceptions. Self-development action plans are also considered and there isgood supporting research and referencing.
Marks 70 – 79 [substantive]The learning journal is generally well-organised and discusses each subject session in somedetail. Intended learning outcomes/rationale for each subject session and the work requiredis explained with suitable supporting evidence. More extensive discussion of the session andits intended learning outcomes and, possibly, more extensive evidence of engagement, maybenefit this part of the learning journal.Good reflective commentary is recorded which discusses personal development and thepersonal learning outcomes achieved. More considered assessment of the learningoutcomes and suggested self-development activities could be discussed to enhance this partof the journal. Research and referencing could be extended.
Marks 60 – 69 [exemplary]The journal provides insightful and reflective commentary on a variety of the study sessionswith an outline of personal learning outcomes. The journal could benefit from a little morereflective commentary. Evidence presented of work undertaken could also be developed.Reasonable reflections are given on the learning experience but, again, the journal wouldbenefit from more extensive commentary on personal learning outcomes, recognition ofdifferent types of personal development and suggestions for self-development activities,and possibly more evidence of involvement.
Marks 50 – 59 [evincive]The journal offers some commentary on the subject sessions and personal learningoutcomes. The commentary demonstrates some ability to reflect but requires much moreextensive discussion and a more considered structure to the journal as its approach is a littletoo general. More evidence of engagement would benefit the journal as would furtherreference and research.
IT Systems Management CIS4022-N CIS4022_ICABrief.docxPete Dwyer 30/12/2019 Page 10
Marks from 30 to 49 indicate an unsatisfactory attempt for this level of study.Marks below 30 indicate a wholly inadequate submission with many defects | or nonsubmission
Appendix 1:In-Tray ExerciseIT Staff PerformanceYou are the IT User Services manager for an SME that manufactures heave-motioncompensators for the marine-based oil industry.One of your primary duties in this role is to manage the service desk and its staff, ensuring itdelivers good service to the company. Monthly IT service desk performance data is nowavailable for your review as the manager responsible (see supplement).RequiredYou are required to create a suitable performance dashboard based on the givenperformance data using the KPI Business Rules schema in Appendix 1 and the employeeperformance statistics supplied in the supplementary documentation.You are also required to select three staff members and prepare suitable feedbackperformance reports in addition to an overall performance report for the service desk. Youare not required to prepare reports for all members of staff.GuidanceYou may use MSExcel or a suitable alternative software environment to prepare a spreadsheet analysis of the data showing the performance of your service desk staff members andthe service desk’s overall performance with respect to the various metrics employed.Then prepare individual staff reports and a summative briefing document in which youevaluate the service desk performance and establish an action agenda for making anyimprovements or adjustments that are required. Make sure your feedback covers bothindividual as well as overall performance.IT Systems Management CIS4022-N CIS4022_ICABrief.docxPete Dwyer 30/12/2019 Page 11The raw data are available in the file designated in the assessments folder. The file uses acomma to delimit fields within single line records.IT Systems Management CIS4022-N CIS4022_ICABrief.docxPete Dwyer 30/12/2019 Page 12KPI Business RulesStaff performance data can be found in the file provided on Blackboard in the assessmentsfolder for this year’s ICA.)Performance bands and priority weightings for metrics are given in the table below. Thehigher the priority given to a metric, the more important the metric is.
Help Desk Metric
Total calls received

Number of calls closed first time
Number of calls escalated to 2nd line
Number of calls wrongly escalated
Average time to answer desk telephone (seconds)
>20 s
<=10 s
Average telephone hold time (minutes)
>30 mins
<=15 mins
Average time to first answer emailed queries(minutes)
>30 mins
<=10 mins
Average time to resolve queries (hours)
>120 hrs
<=72 hrs
The company uses a RAG system to calculate the KPI for each member of staff and theoverall KPIs for the help desk. Red results receive a negative multiplier, amber results aretreated as neutral and green results receive a positive multiplier.

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