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24 Aug

its law subject presentation build on two assignments before i will attach the past assignments so… – NO PLAGIARISM

If the essay is more than 10% above the word count this will be taken into account when determining the
August 24, 2019

It is critical analysis report of health economics . It’s due on 28 August. I need atleast 10 good references
August 24, 2019

its law subject presentation build on two assignments before i will attach the past assignments so you haveto read them before you start make the presentation i need a speech note as well with each slide pleasefollow the brief for the presentation as its very important and consider the required questions to cover andi must do very perfect job for this work to pass. please done it in high quality thanks.ASSESSMENT 3 BRIEFSubject Code and Title MGT608 Business Law and International ContextsAssessment Board PaperIndividual/Group Group (2 or more)Length 5 minute presentationLearning Outcomes This assesOutcoma) sment addresses the following Subject Learning esCritically analyse what law is and the role law plays in doing business internationallyc) Critically evaluate the multiplicity of laws and the conflicts they may present when doing businessinternationallyd)Construct and justify recommendations to management on specific legal implications of doing businessSubmission By 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Friday of module 6.2 (Week 12)Weighting 20%Total Marks 20 marksContextDoing business in another country will require an Australian company to ensure it complies with anyrelevant domestic laws in place in that country. In some cases, it may be difficult, to determine what theapplicable law is i.e. a conflict a law may arise.It will be necessary for the company to select a suitable business structure in order to conduct its businessoperations. This assessment builds on Assessments 1 and 2 where students chose a country and researchedthe legal system and contract law. This assessment allows students to consider the most appropriatebusiness structure for doing business in the chosen country and to consider the relevant employment andintellectual property laws that must be complied with. Relevant international treaties will also need to beconsidered.Successful completion of this assessment will require students to work in a group of two (2) or more toreflect upon and justify a decision to their company’s Board of Directors, whether to proceed withbusiness operations in the chosen country or not.InstructionsYour learning facilitator will allocate you to a group and advise you of the students you are working with.Your group will consist of students who have all researched the same chosen country.Your group will prepare a 5-minute presentation for the Board of Directors regarding one (1) of thebusiness opportunities identified by students in Assessment 2. You must decide as a group what businessopportunity you are going to focus on.Your presentation must be no more than five (5) minutes in length and all members of the group must beincluded in the presentation. Your groups Board Paper presentation must cover the following:• state the chosen country• explain briefly the nature of business of the company and the business opportunity• describe and explain the business structure that would be most suitable to conduct the relevant businessin the chosen country• identify and explain any treaties or international conventions that are relevant to doing business in thechosen country• identify any intellectual property that requires protection and analyse the options for best protecting thisproperty in the chosen country• explain how the company will resource this business opportunity, in terms of labour, including ananalysis of the labour laws and the industrial relations system operating in the chosen country• identify any potential for conflict of laws arising from the business opportunity and an explanation of thenature of such conflict and how such a conflict may be resolved• identify and discuss any potential difficulties that may arise in relation to doing business in the chosencountry• provide a recommendation, together with justifications as to whether the company should proceed withthe business opportunity.Submission Instructions:(1) Creating your video presentation• Create a short video presentation, length: 5 minutes o Be specific and clear, as you will be assessed onoriginality and authenticity• Tips on filming a video presentation is available at: https://laureateau.blackboard.com/bbcswebdav/pid3310931-dt-content-rid82324_1/institution/Groupwide/Submit%20Video%20Online%20Part%201%20Filming%20v2.pdf• Your presentation must be in video format (mp4, MOV, etc.) for uploading into Blackboard (refer to thelink below)(2) Uploading your video presentation• Detailed instructions on compressing (if necessary) and uploading video presentation is available athttps://laureateau.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/content/listContent.jsp?course_id=_4044_1&content_id=_387629_1&mode=reset• Submit the recorded video via the Assessment 3 Board Paper submission link in the main navigation

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