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12 Mar

Knowledge Assessment (Written Task) AssignmentTutorOnline | Good Grade Guarantee!

1.What is a Site datum?
2.List 4 ways to ensure health and safety whilst undertaking leveling?
3.Outline a process to check the accuracy of a spirit level.
4. What should be done at time of clean up after leveling?
5. What is a leveling staff?
6. While undertaking leveling activities , what should you think about in terms of the environment?
7.Outline the process for reading the staff when taking levels?
8.How would you set up an automobile level?
9.List the steps for sighting to take levels?
10.Outline how to use a water level?
11.Define the terms as below:
Backsight, Intermediate Sight, Foresight, Reduced Level, Benchmark, Datum.
12.What dose the diagram below show?
13.How would you measure distance and what is the measured distance from the sighted reading below?
14.This was run in two directions. Fill out the observation from (backsight, foresight, and intermediate sight)and reduce the observations using the collimation height method.
15.A two peg test of a level produced the following results:
Instrument Station – Staff on Peg A – Staff on Peg B
Level midway between A&B 1.345 1.420
Level adjacent to Peg A 1.450 1.530
Given that the distance A to B is 60m, calculate the sign and magnitude of the collimation error.
16.What is the reading shown below?
17.a lineof levles is run from BM10 to BM11.At BM10 the elevation is101.325 in the Australian Height Datum (AHD).The following observations were taken.
18.Aline of levels is run from BM105. At BM104 the elevation is 692.123m in the Australian Height Datum.The backsight and foresights areas follows.
Use the rise and fall method to work out the levels in order to find the elevation of BM105 (foresight at D).
19.The staff readings , as shown bellow , were obtained in a leveling exercise. Tabulate the data in a leveling form and calculate the adjusted reduced levels of P,Q and R using the rise and fall method. All mathematical checks are to be included.The staff at R and Q were held inverted.
20.when ad where should the following sign be used?
21.What is a line of Collimation?
22.Describe what a boundary is?
23.Describe the Hurdle?
24.What are two methods for checking the set out for square?
25.List tools used for setting out.
26. What is Survey peg?
27. Why do you keep the hurdle level?
28. Explain why is it important that measurements be taken on a horizontal plane?
29. Sketch a means of measuring a horizontal distance down a sloping site.

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