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15 Sep

LAN/WAN Configuration and Troubleshooting Guide


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Research IaaS or SaaS providers, and pick one with robust features for a medium-sized business with multiple locations.
Prepare a 5-7 page presentation, including Introduction, Conclusion, and Reference slides. Include detailed speaker notes with each slide. The presentation should include the following:
Three important features of IaaS or SaaS you researched that will be used in Location 2A concise description of how the new configuration would impact the IP addressing of the LAN of Location 2, including usage of VLANs and any necessary switches and routers to connect to the WAN and all internal devicesA network map of Location 2, including connectivity to cloud providersA high-level description of how to configure a MPLS NetworkA sample config output from a switch used in the design for Location 2 and the commands that would be used for basic switch configuration, VLAN creation, and inter-VLAN routingA concise description of how the Cisco® Application Centric Infrastructure Enterprise Module (APIC-EM) Path Trace Application could be used to troubleshoot the new configuration
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