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17 Oct

Latin America’s success stories


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Chile is generally upheld as one of Latin America’s success stories – often contrasted with Venezuela or Argentina – in terms of political and economic stability. The broadly popular “growth with equity” model under successive center-left and center-right governments is particularly notable given Chile’s recent history as a model for military dictatorship and neoliberalism. Place Chile in the context of what you’ve learned so far about other countries’ political-economic models, and answer any of the following below after you read article: The New Yorker: “As Protests Rock Chile, the People Consider Rewriting Pinochet’s Constitution”1. To what do you attribute Chile’s success – relative to other Latin American countries – in the following areas: transition from military to civilian rule, macroeconomic growth, and social welfare?
2. What do the recent protests about public services and constitutional reform say about the success of the Chilean model?
Latin America’s success stories

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