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3 Apr

Leticia and Dashon


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Leticia and DashonLeticia is an African-American mother in her mid-30’s who lives with her 2 1/2-year old sonDashon in an apartment on the grounds of her drug treatment program. She had been inrecovery for approximately 3 years, after over 15 years of drug abuse, in particular the useof cocaine. Leticia had made powerful efforts to change her life in the past few years,displaying her determination to care for her son and her hopes for his future.Leticia worried, to some extent, about providing her son with the necessities (food, clothing,as well as toys), and felt that because she was so exhausted sometimes she wasn’t asavailable to him as she wanted to be. She also worried about Dashon’s future.She was raising an African-American boy in an urban environment where a significantproportion of those boys would not live to see adulthood, and if they did, they wererelatively unlikely to graduate from high school and stay out of jail.Leticia had lived in poverty all her life and experienced first-hand the violence thataccompanies drug addiction. Living in an urban environment that is dangerous on a dailybasis, Leticia worried about her son’s future relationship to drugs.Early in Leticia’s life, her mother was heavily involved in drugs and not able to adequatelycare for her, and as a result Leticia spent most of her childhood in foster 83 care and grouphomes. As a teenager, Leticia herself became involved with drugs, dropped out of schoolafter the eighth grade, and left her last group home for the street.She had her first child when she was 18 years old, and began receiving government financialassistance. Over the next five years, she had two more daughters and continued to receiveaid. Then her benefits were cut off when her three children were taken into the childwelfare system for reasons related to her drug use.At the time of the interviews, her parental rights had been terminated on two of thechildren, and she had minimal contact with the third daughter, Mandy, who herself ranaway from a group home approximately a year before. Leticia’s own mother was murderedin a drug-related incident about 5 years before the interview.

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