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Assessment 2 – Research & Case StudyInstructions:This assessment consists of 5 parts. Trainer may decide whether this will be an individual or a group assessment.This assessment also requires students to conduct an online research on any Australian organisation and briefly outline any three standard, policy or procedure or best practices in relation to IT tasks as currently practiced in that organization . Candidate should limit the answer within 600 to 800 words.Complete all the tasks and submit all the required documentation to your Trainer.Duration:Trainer will set the duration of the assessment.Part A:Consider the MacVille case study (1 and 2) from assessment 1 and following minutes of the board meeting, where the CEO spoke about the strategic objectives that will form part of the strategic plan.MacVille Board Meeting Minutes: July, 8 201X6:00pm Board Room, BrisbaneBoard members:Present: Alan Jones (Chair), Jenny Ng, Olga Hartwick (Secretary), John Brennen, James Laird, George Saldais.Absent:Quorum present? Yes.Others present:CEO: Patricia Mees.Proceedings:Meeting called to order at 7.00 pm by Chair, Alan Jones, who explained that this was a special meeting of the Board to hear the presentation of the strategic plan by the CEO Patricia Mees.(Last month’s) meeting minutes were amended and approved.Overview of the strategic plan: Patricia Mees? Patricia Mees gave a presentation concerning the objectives that would form part of the strategic plan for the next five years.? Objective 1 – To sell and service MacVille espresso coffee machines in every state of Australia. This was a top priority that would involve the acceptance of Java Estates tender. This was an important alliance and one that should be managed at the highest level. With the Sydney warehouse now established, it was important to look for other warehouse opportunities in high volume states. The other states could be managed with an agent’s network and by outsourcing the maintenance.? Objective 2 – To increase profit margins by 5% from our 2010 benchmark in the next five years. This should occur naturally, with increased sales allowing for better price negotiations with suppliers, and getting all departments to make optimum use of their staff.? Objective 3 – To establish the MacVille brand recognition in key markets in the next five years, mostly via new technologies but also co-branding with our strategic partner. This is also a high priority if the successful rollout is to be achieved.? Objective 4 – To reduce our waste and energy use by 10% from our 2010 benchmark within the next five years. Education programs and incentive rewards for innovations in this area should see the organisation achieve its objectives.Meeting adjourned at 9.30 pm.Minutes submitted by Secretary, Olga Hartwick.Task:Write a strategic plan, including consideration of resource implications, and then circulate to stakeholders. After endorsement from the Board, communicate the plan to employees and describe any implications for their role in the organisation. To do this-1. Formulate strategic objectives for the organisation (based on the Board minutes).2. For each objective, develop and describe strategies that you think could be used to meet the objective in the future.3. For the strategies described, you need to:a. develop a prioritised list of strategiesb. describe a timeframe for each to be completedc. assign responsible parties to each strategyd. assign measurable performance indicators to individual strategies.When you have completed your draft strategic plan, you need to make an appointment to meet with the CEO of your organisation (your Trainer) to discuss your plan. They will gain endorsement from the Board for the plan, and return it to you with any required amendments.After you have received the endorsed plan from the Board, you need to:4. Develop briefing materials (dot-point descriptors) for the identified responsible parties, outlining the requirements of their role in achieving the relevant strategy.5. Develop a cover statement/letter to be sent out with the strategic plan that includes:a. a brief overview of key objectivesb. a description of the research and process used to develop the plan.6. Develop a review process to describe the implementation as will be measured by the achievement of KPIs, milestones and overall effectiveness which will also identify and describe any refinements or improvements that can be made to the implementation process.Part B:Now, MacVille with 15–20 staff about to upgrade from stand-alone computers to an integrated workgroup computer network.Task:1. Identify relevant legislations, codes and standards and provide a brief summary of each.2. For each identified legislation, code and standard, briefly state any impact it may have on the implementation of a computer network for MacVille.Part C:You are required to develop a set of procedures outlining how a Helpdesk worker within the organisation (MacVille) would:? log helpdesk calls and categorise appropriately? respond to helpdesk calls (via phone, email, electronic systems) ? provide training to users, especially new staff Task:Develop a set of procedure documents that address? logging helpdesk calls and categorising appropriately? response to helpdesk calls (via phone, email, electronic systems)? providing training to users, especially new staffPart D:Develop and present a business proposal to your Trainer to implement the workgroup network at MacVille.Task:? A presentation to your Trainer outlining – o the equipment and software required for the network o the data management and security measures to be implemented o the training required for users, including any required skills audit o timeline for establishment of the workgroup computer network o the costs for establishment of the workgroup computer network? Handouts /Supporting documents for your presentation (presentation slides)Part E:Conduct an Online research on any organization of your choice and briefly describe any three standard, policy or procedure or best practices in relation to IT practices in that organization. Your answer can focus on any three of the following topics –? Technology hardware purchasing policy? Policy for Getting Software? Policy for Use of Software? Bring Your Own Device Policy? Information Technology Security Policy? Information Technology Administration Policy? Website Policy? Electronic Transactions Policy? IT Service Agreements Policy? Emergency Management of Information TechnologyInstruction: You should limit your answer within 600 to 800 words

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