58242 – Assessment 3Customer Centred Design PresentationDue:

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: Week 12Weighting: 25%Type: * presentationLearning Outcomes:a. Identify factors leading to entrepreneurial successb. Develop a critical and practical application ofDesignThinking processesc. Work effectively in teams and individuallyd. Develop and critically evaluate entrepreneurshipsuccess factors.Description:In order to complete the Customer Centered Design element of this course all members of the group must present in class during Week 12. The presentation must be a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 10minutes. All team members must be present at the presentation. Failure to do so will result in forfeiting the grade for the missing group member.The structure and content of the presentation will be aligned with the documentation the group completed from Weeks 7-11.*Group presentation is the preferred delivery format however individual presentation may be a consideration after consultation and discussion with the lecturer .The choice of the business idea is yours but the following guidelines should be observed:• Who the customer is• The issue/problem/challenge they have• Each section of the Design Thinking process:o EmpathiseAssessment Briefo Defineo Ideateo Prototypeo Test• You must cover each section of the Design Thinking process in 2 ways:1. What you came up with in each weekly from each section of the process (ie: week 1, Empathize…)2. What you learnt about from each section of the Design Thinking methodology. What worked well, what didn’t, etc…

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