58325 – Assessment 2: EssayWeighting: 40%Word count: 1600 wordsDue

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2: : 40%Word count: 1600 date: 12th September 2020 at 9:00 (9:00 am) AWSTEssay task: Trauma-informed care is based on the understanding that many people living with mental health conditions have experienced trauma in their lives. Discuss how the nurse or midwife in their role can support and facilitate the six (6) guiding trauma-informed principles.1. Safety2. Trustworthiness3. Choice4. Collaboration5. Empowerment6. Respect for Diversity Details:? The should be in the 3rd person.? Requires a standard introduction (introduces and sets up the essay direction, 1-2 references only to set context) and conclusion (brief summary of key points within essay).? A minimum of ten (10) references should support your work to show wider reading and link to critical thinking (not description). Recency of evidence-based practice – references should be academic (journals & textbooks) and within five (5) years of publication.? Use the SNM assignment template APA7 2020 (in assessment 2 folder).? Follow the 2020 SNM Presentation & Assignment guidelines and SNM A-Z guide (structure & presentation).? APA 7th edition referencing should be used for accuracy intext and end text (referencing).

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