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Argument on the link for the Argument Planhttps://www.reasons.io/Assignment OutlineThis assignment are four (4) parts:-history of ideas paragraph-critical thinking paragraph-argument map-reference list1- History of Ideas ParagraphTask:- one short paragraph describes one (1) of the key History of Ideas themes:Themes:- cultural antiquity (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle)- the renaissance- the scientific revolution- the enlightenment- liberalismDo:Here are some things you should do -?? an paragraph (include a topic sentence and a concluding sentence)?? use language?? include at least one (1) in-text citation?? try to summarise 1-2 key points about your chosen theme. Not everything!Don’t:Here are some things you should not do -? write about more than one topic? use non- language? just copy-paste text (plagiarism)? write too much about your topic. Don’t try to summarise everything.2- Critical Thinking ParagraphTask:- write one short paragraph which1. defines critical thinking (1-3 sentences)2. explains why/how critical thinking is an important study skill (1-3 sentences)• Do:• Here are some things you should do -• ?? answer both parts of the task• ?? write an paragraph (include a topic sentence and a concluding sentence)• ?? use language• ?? include at least one (1) in-text citation• Don’t:• Here are some things you should not do -• ? use non- language• ? just copy-paste text (plagiarism)• ? write more than approx. 6 sentences3- Argument MapTask:• create an argument map discussing your statement – ( https://www.reasons.io/ )1. include your statement2. outline at least four (4) arguments3. include arguments which both agree and disagree with the question, statement4. include at least three (3) in-text citations• My statement is about (creative writing).• My question: “Creative writing is a valuable way to understand lived experiences of people. Do you agree? “Do:• Here are some things you should do -• ?? write short sentences or dot points• ?? write only one sentence/point per box• ?? base your arguments from your (reading)• ?? include in-text citationsDon’t:• Here are some things you should not do -• ? use just one source• ? write long sentences• ? include more than one sentence in a box• ? just give your opinion – base your arguments off your readingDON’T write paragraphs for the argument map.This is an argument map! This means that you only need to write one sentence/dot point per box. You are not writing full paragraphs. Instead, you are just writing the main ideas/arguments.- Remember, you need to includeat least three (3) in-text citations.4- Reference ListTask:- write a reference list which includes all usedDo:Here are some things you should do -?? make sure your in-text and reference list citations match?? use APA formatting?? include Author and Year• APA Referencing• It can be really challenging to use the correct referencing style. That is why there are a lot and lots of style guides/helpers available. For APA, you can use:• UQ APA 6th Style Guide• APA Style Blog• APA Frequently Asked Questions•APA :• The year is in parentheses• The second line is indented• Page numbers do not require p. or pp.• A reference list contains details of all cited in text.• A reference list is arranged alphabetically (A ? Z) by author. Often, the author is a person, but sometimes it can be the name of a or organisation.

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