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School of , and of SciencesAustralian Catholic UniversityNRSG266 One: Written AssessmentDue Date Week 5, Wednesday, 26th August 4pmWeighting 40%Word limit 1200 words +/- 10%AssessmentCriteria Appendix 1 of the NRSG266 unit outlineLearning OutcomesLO1 critically analyse the concept of healthy ageing and its at an individual and community level; (GA4)LO2 understand experiences of ageing and how these are impacted by biopsychosocial, spiritual and cultural factors; (GA1, GA4)Submission Assessment 1 dropbox located on your NRSG266 LEO campus tile.Presentation 1.5 spacing; 11-point Arial or Calibri font.No headings, cover pages, bullets, numbering, tables, or diagrams are to be used.Footer is to include your name, student number and word countThis is an and as such, 3rd person writing is required.Referencing APA 6th Edition as per the ACU study guide.References must meet the academic standards of recency, relevance and reliability.Minimum of 12 current (within five years) and credible references are to be used.TaskThe World Health Organisation (2015) states:“Healthy ageing is a of developing and maintain the functional ability that enables wellbeing in older age. Functional ability is about having the capabilities that enable all people to be and do what they have reason to value”Using the context provided in the statement above, critically analyse your role as a registered nurse in empowering the older adult. In your response current evidence-based approaches to the promotion of healthy ageing.NRSG266 _ Assessment One: Written Assessment _ Semester Two, 2020 _ Page 1 of 1

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