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OF INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS AND MARKETINGASSESSMENT TITLE Business PlanASSESSMENT TYPE ProjectASSESMENT 4 – BUSINESS PLANDESCRIPTION OF ASSESSEMENTYou are required to create an extract business plan. You can either create a business plan for a hypothetical small business – this business will commence as a start-up and it can be in any industry, it must be a small business providing a good or a service. OR create a business plan for an existing small business – this business must have a good internet presence as all your information necessary for the business plan will come from their website information,Please note: If you are using an existing business to create your business plan most of the information required about the business, its location, its products and services is available online for both for your chosen business and their direct competitors. You will most likely need to create a Mission and Vision statement and identify possible core values of the business based on the information provided. (the “about us” section of their website should give you a good basis to identify these)Academically sound information on their marketplace can be obtained through Ibisworld, freely available if accessed through the VU Library database.This introduces you to some of the core ideas in setting up a business and marketing principles.Your business plan must follow the business plan structure provided. A business plan template is provided, please use the template, read the instructions and section guides carefully to ensure that you do all the requirements in each section. Do not submit your business plan with the instruction boxes, delete these as you complete each section.Do not submit your business plan with the instruction boxes, delete these as you complete each section, otherwise your plagiarism level will be adversely affectedLEARNING OUTCOMES:1. Outline the critical elements and functions of a business plan;2. Discuss the effects of internal and external influences on business development; and3. Develop a business plan and communicate a marketing ideaWEIGHTING:This assessment is worth 30% of grade for the unit of study.DUE DATE:Week 13 Friday September 8th 2020BUSINESS PLAN STRUCTURE: A Business Plan Template is providedTitle PageTable of Contents1.0 Executive Summary2.0 The Business3.0 Market Analysis4.0 Marketing5.0 Legislation and Risk Management6.0 Financial Management7.0 Appendix (evidence to support)Your small business plan should be 2000-2500 words long.Tips for completion• Don’t try and complete the business plan in order –complete the executive summary last• Carefully read all the instruction in each section of the business plan template provided, this will guide you as to what needs to included.• Delete the guide box in each section – not submit your business plan with instruction guides.• Include evidence – e.g ABS demographic data, maps, tables, sample job description for your business using examples from real sources, images as examples, maps of your location.• Evidence should be real and based on available information.• You can include other aspects of business plan if relevant. For example community engagement• Reference your rubric – assess yourself before submitting• Reference all your resources• Please follow academic integrity and plagiarism policies.

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