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LAW513 LAWASSIGNMENT 1 – MINI-RESEARCH ESSAYVALUE: 30% OR 30 MARKSWORD COUNT: 2,000. THIS INCLUDES ALL FOOTNOTES AND REFERENCES.(10% margin under or over)This assignment may be submitted on or before 11.59pm (ACST), Study Week 5Friday, 21 August 2020? Submit your Assignment using Word or PDF file format? The assignment must be lodged online via Learnline Assignment Lodgment link.? Assignment lodgments will be acknowledged automatically on the Learnline site, on submission.? Citations: The CDU Harvard or AGLC referencing styles may be used, as long as you choose one style and use it consistently.? Independent Research IS required for this assignment.? Further questions: Post your questions on the discussion board.Asia Pacific College of and Law Semester 2, 2020 Page 1 of 3UNIVERSITY PLAGIARISM POLICYPlagiarism is the unacknowledged use of material written or produced by others or a rework of your own material. All sources of information and ideas used in assignments must be referenced. This applies whether the information is from a book, journal article, the internet, or a previous you wrote or the assignment of a friend.Plagiarism policy is available at:http://www.cdu.edu.au/governance/doclibrary/pol001.pdf andStudent Breach of Academic Integrity Procedures http://www.cdu.edu.au/governance/doclibrary/pro-092.pdf.EXTENSIONS AND LATE LODGEMENTSExtensionsAn Application for Assignment Extension or Special Consideration should be completed and provided to the Dean, College of Business and Law.This application form, explanation and instructions is available on the Learnline course site or direct fromhttp://learnline.cdu.edu.au/units/lb_school_templates/deployed/assignment_extensio n.docxPlease note that it is now College policy that all extension requests must be approved by the Dean. The lecturer is not able to personally approve extension requests.Leaving a request for an extension, special or special consideration until the last moment, on grounds that students could have reasonably been able to foresee, may result in the application being rejected.Late lodgementLate lodgements are subject to a penalty of 5% of assignment marks per day. Partially completed assignments will be accepted with appropriate loss of marks for the incomplete portion.Asia Pacific College of Business and Law Semester 2, 2020 Page 2 of 3ASSIGNMENT 1 – WRITTEN MINI-RESEARCH ESSAYPart AThe use of companies as a business structure in Australia has developed over the years.REQUIRED• Discuss the common used business structures in Australia and list the advantages and disadvantages of each structure. (7.5 marks)• Consider and discuss why the Company has become the preferred structure to operate businesses in Australia. (7.5 marks)Part BAccounting Standards form a vital part of the regulation and administration of companies in Australia.REQUIRED• Discuss the connection between accounting standards and the Corporations Act(7.5 marks)• Discuss the role of the ASIC and AASB in connection with the regulation ofcompanies in Australia. (7.5 marks)Important: Answers must refer to cases, legislation, accounting standards, articles or law reports.Asia Pacific College of Business and Law Semester 2, 2020 Page 3 of 3

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