58755 – Event Online Poster WWF’s?Earth Hour?(https://www.earthhour.org.au)

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Online Poster WWF’s? Hour?(://www..org.au) is the ’s biggest movement to protect our planet. It is an annual event usually held on the last Saturday evening in March, when millions of people and thousands of business worldwide turn off lights and shut down most electrical appliances to celebrate sustainability and show their support for strategies that will help solve the problem of global warming.This is designed to encourage your creativity in the design of a , community event. You will work individually to produce an infographic poster for the Earth Hour event using Canva at www.canva.com. You will provide a rationale for your unique event, then develop a plan to ensure the completion of the event. Additionally, you will describe the major risks associated with the event and propose actions to mitigate the identified risks. Finally, ASSESSMENT BRIEF Page 2 of 4 you describe the impacts of your event and the resources acquisition based on the sustainable principles of reuse, reduce and recycle.For some similar Earth Hour events that have been held in the past and to help with general ideas, click here https://events.earthhour.org.au/calendar Your online poster should include (but not limited to):1. Rationale of the proposed event • Provide the rationale of event concept • Describe event target audience, scope and stakeholders .2. Event organisational structure • Visually describe event organisational chart3. Event activity list and time schedule • Devise a plan of the list of 10 logical activities with significant milestones • Activities are linked to the organisational structure and time schedule.4. Risk • Describe three risks associated with the event and three actions that should be taken to mitigate the identified risks.5. Sustainability • Describe how event is in line with the goals of Earth Hour with minimal impacts on sustainability • Describe the resources acquisition based on the sustainable principles of reuse, reduce and recycle.

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