58781 – Project:Explain Cost of quality project planning in a

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: Cost of project in a . Prepare a project plan for implementing cost of for the company you choose which has at least one ISO. The plan should give details of data collection and reporting for promoting continuous improvement.First of all the require a champion who understands costs, application of this to company values, leadership qualities, and accounting background.In stage one you need to verify with facts that a cost program can be beneficial to the company. There are many approaches to found out that if plan is beneficial to the company.In stage two you need to identify if top managers are interested in this. You need to use top down approach.In stage 3 you need to do the sales pitch to convince the managements and also to get support from top management. In this stage a secondary analysis is required on top of the overall numbers you collected in stage1. You also have to identify a place that has highest failure cost. You can use Pareto graphs to show high cost areas.In stage 4 you need to develop an overall plan and schedule for cost program implementation. The plan should include in detail management presentation, cost education, internal cost procedure, and cost collection and analysis.In stage 5, you need to give some suggestions to reduce the cost of from what you learned in this course.

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