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2 – INFORMATIONNAME DateID NUMBER SignatureEXAMINATION INFORMATIONSUBJECT Enterprise Innovation 1 (EIN 102)NO. OF PAGES INCLUDING COVER AND BLANK PAGE 2TOTAL MARKS IN EXAM 100 % OF FINAL GRADE 30%EXAMINATION STRUCTURESections Weighting Marks1. Compulsory Short Essay Question 1 compulsory question 25%2. Short Essay (you choose 3 to out of 5 provided) 3 out of 5 questions 75%TOTAL 100%INSTRUCTIONS1. This is a Take-home exam. Text books, dictionaries and notes are allowed in the exam.2. This is an individual exam. You must not speak to other students or look at others work.3. Create a new word document and on top of the first page type your StudentID_First Name_Last Name_Lecturer’s Name_T2 2020.4. Do NOT rewrite the question in your exam answers. Just write the number of the question.5. The typed answers must need to be submitted in Turnitin in Moodle within the 24 hours of the given timeframe.© Macleay College 2020 1Section 1: Short Answer Question (25 marks):You are required to answer the one (1) question . This question is worth 25 marks.What are the stages of the Design Thinking process? Utilise a diagram, or list, to explain the distinct phases of Design Thinking with examples.Section 2: Short Answer Questions (75 marks):You are required to answer any three (3) of the following five (5) short essay questions. Each question is worth 25 marks.1. (25 marks)What is the most effective, and efficient way to utilise Design Thinking when developing a product, service or experience? Utilise three examples to demonstrate how Design Thinking is applied in the market.2. (25 marks)What is the benefit of a process when designing a product, service or experience?3. (25 marks)What are the main 4 areas on the ‘Empathy Map’? Describe their importance to helping to further understand customers/users or prospective customers/users.4. (25 marks)Reflecting back to your ‘Interview with an Entrepreneur’ presentation you did in Week 6, what were the main Entrepreneurial Mindset qualities and characterstics that yourEntrepreneur has and how did they display them? Link to other examples of Entrepreneurs for comparison.5. (25 marks)Reflecting back on the Weekly Workshops you have done from Weeks 1 through to 11 (and then on your presentation in Week 12) describe and outline the ways you nominated, or would like to nominate, to test your Design Thinking product or service (ie: your idea).END OF EXAM© Macleay College 2020 2

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