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[AT1.3] a Empathy Assignment InformationInstructionsCreate a Empathy Map.Start by reading this article [Link] and watching this video [Link]. If youve already worked your way through the material in this module, you might have gone through these already.You will need a copy of the empathy map template. You can download that here [Link].Once youve read the article and watched the video, you should have a pretty good understanding of what the empathy map is and how to use it. Now, its time to put that learning into practice.Come up with a potential and a job theyre trying to perform. It doesnt really matter who you choose, as long as youre inspired by something connected to your real life. Maybe your potential is a young school teacher who has just graduated and is starting at a new school. Maybe its a university student whos struggling with making time for studying. Maybe its a business person whos becoming overwhelmed with meetings and travel. Try to imagine someone in your life, that you know well enough to reasonably guess what their experience of the world might be like.Next, work through the empathy map canvas in the order thats suggested in the video. Work through each section, either populating your canvas with post-it notes or writing directly on the page. Once youre done, take a photo or screenshot of your completed canvas and submit it for .Due Date16 August, 2020 23:59Hide RubricsRubric Name: Task 1: Activity JournalThis table lists criteria and criteria name in the first column. The first row lists level names and includes scores if the rubric uses a numeric scoring method.CriteriaHDDNCRPPNNCriterion ScoreActivity Journal100 pointsGoes over and above what was requested. A fantastic to the journal challenge. This submission stood out and genuinely impressed the assessor.70 pointsMet all requirements and demonstrated a meaningful engagement with, and application of, this modules learning materials.60 pointsMet requirements. Demonstrated a good attempt at completing the task, with some evident room for improvement.50 pointsAn attempt at the task which lacked length, depth or evidence of deep engagement with the activity.0 pointsDid not sufficient evidence to address this criterion./ 100Rubric Total ScoreTotal/ 100Overall ScoreOverall ScoreHD80 points minimumDN70 points minimumCR60 points minimumPP50 points minimumNN0 points minimumSubmit AssignmentAttachments areaPreview YouTube video How to Use the Customer Empathy Map | New Venture Launch

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