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Can you help me with this task 9.2? (C )Task 9.:The following sample uses a function -int calculateSum(int, int);- to calculate the sum of two integers and returns the value.#include stdio.hint calculateSum(int a, int b){int sum;sum = a + b;return sum;}int main(){int inputl, input2, sum;printf(-Enter two integer values …-);scanf(-%d %d-, &inputl, &input2);sum = calculateSum(inputl, input2);printf (-The sum of %d and %d Ls %d-, inputl, input2, sum);return 0;}Aim: This task is to demonstrate the knowledge of creating a user defined function with return valueWrite a C that uses a function to calculate the sum of three (3) float values. The function to return the sum to the main function. The result to be printed from the main function.Submit the working code and screenshots of the output.

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