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MBA404 Consumer & 2 WebinarCopyright NoticeCOPYRIGHTCOMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIACopyright Regulations 1969WARNINGThis material has been reproduced and communicated to you by or on behalf ofKaplan Higher Education pursuant to Part VB of the Copyright Act 1968 (the Act).The material in this communication may be to copyright under the Act. Anyfurther reproduction or communication of this material by you may be the subject ofcopyright protection under the Act.Do not remove this noticeAssessment 2 OverviewLO1: Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to explain the determinants ofconsumer behaviour.LO2: the role of perception, attitude, motivation, group and individualdifferences, culture, family and lifestyle on consumer behaviour.LO5: Research and report on contemporary consumer behaviour such asattitudes, group influences, culture, social class, consumer learning processes,organisational and personal buying decision making.What is due in Week 6?Saturday the 29th of August 202009:00 AM (AEST)The TaskYour first task is to create a survey comprising of 10 questions thatdesigned to examine why customers decided to purchase yourchosen product or service. These questions should inquire surveyparticipants about perception, attitudes, motivation, and culturalfactors. Please note that this survey should not ask participantsquestions about product or service quality/attributes andcustomer satisfaction.You will need to provide the 10 questions that you will use in SurveyMonkey to survey 10 participants who purchased the chosenproduct/service in 1 to your workshop facilitator viaMyKBS, under ‘assessments tab’ ‘Survey Questions and ObjectivesValidation’ icon.In providing the list of ten questions, you must also include objective/sthat link to each of the questions and corresponding answer options ina nested table.To recap: Question TypesOpen-Ended QuestionDescribe the experienceyou had today at your localsupermarket.Closed-Ended QuestionDid you have a goodexperience today at yourlocal supermarket?Formerly Closed, now Open-EndedWhat caused you to have such anexperience at your local supermarkettoday?To recap: Question Types Cont.Likert ScaleOn a scale of 1-5, with 1being Dissatisfied and 5being Satisfied, pleaseindicate to what extent youagree with the followingstatement:“Volvo is the safest car.”Multiple Choice QuestionsIt’s important to observe thateven a simple behaviour likeshampooing is tied to:A) GenderB) Social classC) EthnicityD) AgeE) All of the aboveCreating Survey Questions• Start with a theory/concept in mind and unpack itsapplication by determining if it applies to yourdecision-making process.• Please keep it simple. Eliminate any unnecessaryquestions.• Pay close attention to the wording of yourquestions: avoid using complicated terms.• Each question should have a defined objective.• Start with high-interest questions and close withdemographic questions (if applicable).LEGO Harry Potter ExampleLet’s presume that you are planning to ask me a set of questionsbased on my recent purchase of the LEGO Harry Potter set formy daughter’s birthday as a present.AttitudesWe know now that an attitude is a learned tendency to respondconsistently towards a given object. Likewise, we understandthat the Attitude Function Theory has four functions: Utilitarian,Social Identity, Ego-defensive, and Knowledge.If you were to ask me a question in regards to my attitudes, hereis a fitting example that uses MCQ format:Lego Harry Potter Example Cont.Question: ‘Chose one or more of the following options that suitbest your decision-making process when you bought the LEGOHarry Potter set for your daughter’s birthday.Options:• Utilitarian Function: I wanted to produce the highest amount ofhappiness for my daughter/me• Social Identity Function: I wanted to reaffirm my self-conceptthrough the eyes of my daughter• Ego-defensive Function: I wanted to ensure that mydaughters present does not compromise my or her self-image• Knowledge Function: I wanted to provide my daughter with astructure regarding my attitude or opinion for this product.Objective: To understand the survey respondents’ attitudefunction towards the LEGO Harry Potter set.Lego Harry Potter Example Cont.Attitudes Cont.We know that Heider’s Balance Theory examines thepsychological inequality, i.e. the balance theory. In otherwords, we want to maintain psychological stability, and weform relationships that balance our likes and dislikes.Therefore, you could ask me the following Likert scalequestion:Lego Harry Potter Example Cont.Question: In purchasing the LEGO Harry Potter set for yourdaughter’s birthday, please rate on scale of 1 to 5, with 1 beingnot important and 5 very important, how important it was for youto ensure that your daughter has the same attitude as youtowards this product?Options:1: Not important2: Slightly important3: Moderately important4: Important5: Very importantObjective: To determine if psychological stability influenced therespondents’ attitude when they bought the Lego Harry Potterset.Lego Harry Potter Example Cont.PerceptionWe know that it refers to a consumer’s awareness andinterpretation of reality. Likewise, we know that with instrumental(operant) conditioning, the behaviour is conditioned throughpositive or negative reinforcement. Reinforcers are stimuli thatstrengthen the desired . So, in this case, you could askme the following open-ended question:Question: ‘In buying the LEGO Harry Potter set for yourdaughter’s birthday, describe the intended behaviour that youwere hoping your daughter to display towards this product.’Objective: To determine if the operant conditioning was relevantto the respondent’s consumer decision making process.Lego Harry Potter Example Cont.Cultural FactorsWe know that a reference group is any group to which an individuallooks for guidance as to what are appropriate values, attitudes orbehaviours. Likewise, we know that there are three main types ofreference groups: Membership, Aspiration and Dissociative. Based onthis, you could ask me the following MCQ question:Question: As to which of the following groups do you think you belongto?Options:A. An adult fan of LEGO (AFOL)B. A die-hard fan of Harry Potter (Potterhead)C. A & BD. None of the aboveObjective: To determine the reference group of the respondents and itsrelevance to the purchase of the LEGO Harry Potter set.Format of SubmissionThis validation step is worth 10% ofyour grade for this assessment,and you will not be able to submitthe 4-page survey analysis or anyother assessment in this subjectuntil your workshop facilitator hasapproved your questions, so bewise and don’t be late.Any Questions?What is due in Week 9?Monday 14th of September 202011.55 PM (AEST)The TaskOnce your workshop facilitator has validated your surveyquestions, your next task is to seek “real” and valid participantswho legitimately purchased the chosen product or service thatyou analysed in Assessment 1 and to invite them to take yoursurvey. You only need to gather 10 responses, and it isrecommended that you either distribute your survey to friends,family, colleagues or others who have also bought the sameproduct/service as you. Please note that the fabrication ofresponses will yield an overall failing grade for thisassessment.But I don’t know how to create asurvey via Survey Monkey…To start, please visit thefollowing website:https://www.surveymonkey.com/user/sign-up/From there, the system willask you to create your freeaccount.Watch closely as Idemonstrate how to createa survey via SurveyMonkey!The Task Cont.Once you’ve created your survey and collected participants’responses, you are required to write your summary that includes:• a one-page statement outlining the purpose of the survey andjustification of the chosen administration method;• a one-page summary of gathered responses; and• a two-page critical analysis of the key findings that you haveidentified.In preparing your survey analysis, you are also required to usetheories and concepts related to consumer behaviour discussedin weeks 3 to 5 by incorporating consumer behaviour literatureinto your analysis. In referencing your survey, video from the firstassessment and other sources of information, you must useKaplan Harvard Referencing Style.The Task Cont.These may include government publications, industry reports,and journal articles. These references should be presented asin-text citations and a reference list at the end of your writtenanalysis (not included in the page limit).In finalising your submission, you must also include appendicessection comprising of your Survey Monkey login details, andscreenshots of Survey Monkey graphical representation ofresults (not included in the page limit).This survey analysis is worth 25% of your grade for thisassessment, and it will serve the basis for the third assessmentin this subject.The Task Cont.For more useful tips on how to use Survey Monkey, please view theYouTube channel via the following link:https://www.youtube.com/user/SurveyMonkey.The 4-page survey analysis file must be submitted as a ‘Word’document to avoid any technical issues that may occur from incorrectfile format upload. Uploaded files with a virus will not be considered asa legitimate submission. Turnitin will notify you if there is an issue withthe submitted file. In this case, you must contact your workshopfacilitator via email and provide a brief description of the issue and ascreenshot of the Turnitin error message.You are also encouraged to submit your work well in advance of thedeadline to avoid any possible delay with the Turnitin similarity report orany other technical difficulties.Any Questions?

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