59323 – Assessment 2: Case studyThis assessment is for these

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2: Case is for students only: Gold Coast; Melbourne – Hotel School; Online; Sydney – Hotel School. 2 – Case reportTask descriptionChoose a destination such as a city or region to focus on and within that destination, select a venue that meets the requirements of the small conference from scenario 1 in Assignment 1. From the same destination select a different venue that meets the requirements of the medium-sized conference in scenario 2 from Assignment 1. Then from the same destination select yet another different venue that meets the requirements for the large conference from scenario 3 in the first Assignment.For each selected venue critically analyse how its spatial functional design relates to the operational requirements discussed in Assignment 1. note: A real-life destination and actual venues within that destination should be used in this assignment.This assignment should be structured as a 1500-word report inclusive of the following sections:Table of contentsIntroduction: stating what will be discussed in the report followed by an overview of your chosen destination as a events location and your rationale for choosing it. A description of the method you used in findings suitable venuesExplanation of chosen venue and critical analysis of how venue spatial design meets operational requirements for each of the conference scenarios:Conference Scenario 1Conference Scenario 2Conference Scenario 3ConclusionReference list: Use Harvard system of referencingAppendix: which might include floor plans for chosen venues, photos of the venues, and other evidence that demonstrates why your chosen venues are suited to the needs of each conference.A minimum of 5 references should be cited including at least 3 academic references.

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