59388 – Assessment Task 1: Reflection (25%)Assessment Task 1:

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Task 1: (25%)Assessment Task 1: (25%)In this assessment task you will explore the role that a particular technology can play in by creating an infographic.It is recommended to use Canva to create your poster but you may choose any tool that you wish.Your poster + should be no longer than 3 A4 page in length and should consist of:• an infographic• infographic reference list• a 250-word reference listWhere appropriate you should use in-text and end-text referencing (style: APA 7th Edition) for the text and images in your infographic and for the text in your .Part A: Create an infographic [15 marks]Choose a web-based tool or a digital device that could be a useful tool in an educational setting and create an infographic that highlights its features. If you choose a digital device (e.g. iPad, laptop, smartboard, digital camera, etc) you should do so within the context of a specific piece of software or application. Your infographic should be visually appealing and be created a balance of both images and text. Specifically, your infographic should cover the following aspects:• Define and describe the web-based tool or digital device• Describe how it may be used effectively in an educational setting• Indicate its pros and cons for an educational settingPart B: Reflection [10 marks]Reflect in 250 words on your own learning experience as you created your infographic and discuss connections between this assessment task and the course content and weekly readings.Specifically your reflection should cover the following:• Reflect on what you have learned through undertaking this task• Discuss connections between the assessment task and the course content and weekly readings

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