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Assignment- Item 3******EDIT SOME (30 Marks)1 Coronavirus has become a serious global threat. In this answer the following (a) Use demand and supply diagram to show the impact of Coronavirus on the market of cigarettes and other types of tobacco products Australia. [4 marks}(b) Use demand and supply diagram to show the impact of Coronavirus on the Australian tourism industry the impact on price elasticity of demand [6 marks](c) How is the supply of toilet impacted by Coronavirus? [2 marks}Word limit: 600 words2 Prices of apartments in Sydney have been falling in recent years It is in this context answer the following questions(a) What are the major drivers of falling apartment prices in Sydney [4 marks](b) Using an appropriate diagram, explain your answer in part (a) above [2 marks](c) Compare the trend of apartment prices with house prices in recent years. Are there any similarities or differences? [2 marks]Word limit 600 words3 Suppose a successful vaccine for Coronavirus has been invented(a) Describe the externality that arises from people adopting the vaccine (4 marks](b) What will happen if 1/2 of the population of Australia refuses the use of vaccine [4 marks](c) the market structure facing the pharmaceutical industry [2 marks)Word limit 800 words

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