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Assignment :
This is on how I the math test which I attached as pdf for your reference about the topics. Explain some topics in math briefly such as algebra, geometry, (play along with and convey how I find it difficult) in the skill test.Then dwell on my weaknesses and strengths.My strengths are whole numbers, integers, fractions, decimals, word problems, and financial mathematics like percentages. Just invent why I like it. I find it easy because my tutor explained it to visually. And with the help of technology and internet resources, I find it easier to understands. I practice every day because I need to pass my teachers exam.My weaknesses are line graphs, geometry, and algebra. I find it hard to visualize the shapes at geometry. Just invent why I find it challenging.My feelings about it are mixed emotions fear and anxiety but hopeful because I am not good at math in school. Every time I understand and answered the problems I got excited . Right now I have a tutor in math and he is helping me understands Math especially in answering infographics problems. We do it at Zoom. ( dwell on this.) FYI, teachers in Australia need to take a math test to be registered as a teacher. That’s why I have a tutor. The test is called Lantite. You can add this too. Mention all the details that I wrote.This is 1200 words. Apa 6th referencing.

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