59949 – Assignment 1: – worth 40% of your total mark3,000 WORDSThe

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1: – 40% of your ,000 aim of this is to apply the project management approaches to manage the fuzzy front end of entrepreneurial ventures and/or to address the creation/scalability of enterprise, the market and the product. Specifically, you are required to:o Develop expertise on an issue that is broad in scope and complicated in nature.o Uncover hidden needs and deep insights that give a unique perspective on the problem.o Reframe the problem into a clearer and actionable detail that will inspire implementable solutions.o Analyse and plan the enterprise creation and/orbusiness growth scenariosYou are required to develop an entrepreneurial opportunity/business problem by answering succinctly the following :1. Opportunity Analyses• What “business problem” or are you facing and/or trying to solve?• What idea(s) do you have to address this problem?• What industry or sector of the economy are you addressing? Why is this market attractive?• Who your target customer is? How do you envisage the revenue stream?• What do you plan to do that would get you the market share of your current competitors and/or how would you thwart future competition?2. Opportunity Exploitation• How would you validate that your idea works?• What is the role of Project Management in exploiting this opportunity?• What project management approach would be appropriate in meeting the challenges of delivering this opportunity?This task needs to be completed as a Business Report and is to be submitted as a PDF on the LMS by the due date.

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