60657 – 401002: Bioscience 1Assignment 2: Part A – Short answer

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Assignment Details:
401002: 2: Part A – Short answer questionsWord limit: 400 wordsWeighting: 10%Due date: Spm AEDT Monday 12 October 2020 (Week 4)This assignment is a mandatory submission, which means that in order to pass this unit of , you must submit this assignment.After you have read this information, head over to the Assignment 2A Q&A board to ask any questions and see what your peers are saying about this assignment.Assignment overviewThis assignment will develop your knowledge of the function and of healthy body systems in an adult. It focuses on homeostasis and the importance of nutrition in maintaining a healthy body. Skills being developed in this assignment include researching, writing, referencing, and presenting information in a clear and concise written format.This assignment supports unit learning outcomes 1. 3 and 5-Assignment detailsPart AQuestion 1: An aspect of homeostasis is maintaining a normal body temperature. Briefly state what homeostasis is. and its importance in body temperature maintenance. Describe the series of steps in the homeostatic feedback system (i.e. stimulusreceptors- control centre- effectors- response) that would be activated in a healthy person, in response to a decreased external temperature.Note: The reference list is not included in the word count.Important note: No internet sources are to be used in Part A of this assignment.Assignment tipView the marking guide under Assignment criteria’ to see a detailed breakdown of how your work will be assessed. This is an excellent place to start your preparations for this assignmentRefer back to the marking guide frequently to make sure you are meeting the requirements.

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