60751 – Assessment Task 4: Investor PitchAssessment TypeGroupWeight20%Length10

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Task 4: % minutes (+/- 30 seconds)Task DescriptionFor this assessment, you will take the lean business plan you have developed and convert it into an investor-ready pitch. You will need to develop a pitch deck and present your work to the class.In order to successfully complete this assessment, you will need to engage with the unit , tools, and templates presented throughout the period as well as conduct primary in the marketplace.TemplatesYour investor pitch should be based on your team’s lean business plan and should be structured using an industry standard pitch-deck template as a starting point. Most commonly used templates will use some variant of the following slides:• Value Proposition• Problem• Solution• Why Now• Market Size• Competition• Product• Business Model• Team• FinancialsThis example is the Sequioa Capital Pitch Deck Template [Link].Assessment Criteria1. Demonstrate an understanding of key theories, concepts and tools relating to innovation and entrepreneurship.2. Apply your knowledge of key theories, concepts and tools relating to innovation and entrepreneurship to an identified opportunity.3. Communicate clearly and effectively.

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