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1000 6th .the assignment is very complicated and needs to be straight forward with the answer because it’s just 1000 words and there’s a lot to coverthe assignment about analysing a decision that i have made in the last 7 days the decision is to buy a car4 self-test must be done to analyse the way i prefer to take my decisions, 3 of them have been done already and a another self-test must to complete and get the result( you can chose any self-test) the 3 self-test have been done are:1-intuation score:3.33 (your place a great deal in trust of my hunches when analysing problems and taking decisions)2-logic score: 3.67 (on most occasions i tend prefer to use my logic thinking when analysing problems and taking decisions)3-balance score:3.33(i tend to have strong interests in the implications my decisions have on others)*very important* part of the assignment is Personality style/ strengths and their impact on my decision-making style, bias and blindspots (it’s extremely important to not forget to talk about the bias and the blind spots) and based on the self-tests results you can chose decision making style.decision making tools are also based on the self-tests results to chose from:1-matrix2-system1-sytem 2 thinkingdecision making preference (also you chose on of them based on the self-tests results):1-rational decision maker2-the intuitive decision maker3-balnaced decision makerthe feedback from the 2 classmates:Beartiz:seems that you take the past experience much more into consideration than your intuition. i beleive that this is great skill for a leader because you can teach your team and explain them what’s comingEdward:Your results seem to indicate that logic is your predominant approach to decision-making. There is no doubt logic plays a crucial role in such process since it allows you to undertake a careful of previous experiences as well as the possible outcomes. However, developing your intuition might lead you to faster decisions and stronger confidence. I know that some decisions based on intuition can lead to fealure and that is something we all try to avoid. Nonetheless, failure is part of life as well as a learning process, and we all need to embrace it at a certain point.im attaching to you 3 files which they are:1-the brief assignment to go through and understand what the assignment about and what needs to cover and address2-excel check list to check that you are covering all what needs to be covered3-a sample of previous work to show u how this assignment needs to be done and the way ( it’s very important to go through this file because it’s more summary about what’s need to be done)

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