60863 – Nurses are expected to be able to reflect on their practice

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Nurses are to be able to reflect on their in order to develop their skills and knowledge This is designed for you to reflect on your thoughts and feelings regarding health and addictions and identify what actions you need to take to enhance your knowledge and skills to effectively work with people experiencing mental illness.As it is writing you may to write m the first person You will also need to support your with current literature to help clarify your understanding and future actions as a nurse.Using the steps below reflect on your response to the following scenarioBill is a home/ess man who is sleeping out in the cold. He has a long history of mental health crises and has recently been discharged from an acute inpatient mental health ward. You can hear him yelling at people before you see him. You see him waving a half drunk bottle of wine and staggering on his feet. He looks dishevelled and cold. As you walk past him, he yells at you to “watch your back or they will get you-.Event (what happened and what would I do)- what has taken place and what is your immediate reaction to this?Emotions- How does this make you feel? What are your feelings, emotions and responses?Thoughts (How did I become like this, what does it say about me? (analysis))- What do you think about the event? Why do you think these thoughts came to you?Learnings- What have I learnt from this? What potential biases have I got? What assumptions have you made’ Are these logical? What influence has my previous personal / life experience have on my assumptions? (how could this be seen differently, what have I learnt from this?)- How can I grow from this experience personally and professionally’ What would I do differently if I came across this event again? What development do I need?thEnsure all arguments and opinions are supported by relevant literature. Referencing and in text citations is required using the APA style 6 edition.I IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you do not hit the submit button (and remains in draft format) your assignment will occur late penalty points if altered after the submission time and date.

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