61019 – Due today at 17:00InstructionsWatch the movie 'The

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Due at 17: the ‘The of Everything’, and write a review based on the following questions that I have prepared for you1. Was it entertaining? Did it keep your attention?2. When you finished watching it, did you feel good about how you spent the time?3. Did the characters grow and ?4. Does the film speak to that care about, does it have some kind of lesson or higher moral value?5. In case you recognized many moral values, pick ONE and describe the moral value in a word or a phrase and answer all the above questions with your personal reasoning.FYI: read the 5 notes I mentioned earlier and do not copy movie review from online websites… No need to tell me the story, who the actors are, how many Oscars or how much money the movie made. I know it all… Write the review based on the 5 points and do them yourself Font: Times New Roman, Size 12, prefer docx file.Have a great weekendMy workAdd workPoints1 point possible

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