61026 – Identify the research variables (for items 1 & 2)

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the (for 1 & 2) and the central phenomenon used inthe following scenarios.1. An experiment is performed on plants to see how different liquids affect plantgrowth. Each plant in the experiment is given a different liquid; water, apple juice,or milk. Each plant has the same amount of soil, same amount of sunlight, and thesame amount of liquid.Independent Variable:Dependent Variable:Sample Variable:Confounding/Extraneous Variable:2. A survey is conducted to see how race relates to academic success. Four race wereidentified in the study: Caucasian, African, Asian, Latin. The gender, socioeconomicstatus, and the background experience, (relevant to discrimination) were also consideredas influencing factors in the study.Independent Variable:Dependent Variable:Sample Variable:Confounding/Extraneous Variable:3. A researcher decided to conduct a grounded theory study to the processof cultural transmission of several ethnic groups in Region 12. Knowing that thisneeds closer inspection, he also decided to stay in the vicinity of these ethnicgroups for at least three months to see first-hand how (if there is still) culturaltransmission happens in this ethnic groups.What is the Central Phenomenon? :

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