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I need help with this assignmentDEPARTMENT OF LAW AND PARALEGAL STUDIESINTRODUCTION TO LAW (DLW 1101) 1 & 2DUE DATE – 1 —— 19th October 2020DUE DATE – ASSIGNMENT 2—– 19th October 2020(Test will be administered on 19th October 2020 -0900HOURSInstructions to Candidates1. Answer all the questions below.2. Your work should be legible.3. Plagiarism and/or copying shall be penalised in accordance with University Regulations4. Your work should be typed aerial 12 spacing1.5.and not more than 3 pages for each question excluding cover page.5. Note the submission of assignments will on 19th October 2020 at 0900 Hours.ASSIGNMENT 1QUESTION 1With reference to the case of Unity Dow versus Attorney General, discuss the supremacy of Botswana Constitution (20)ASSIGNMENT 2QUESTION 2(a) Discuss the following and give distinctions:-1. Law and Morality (4)2. Customs and conventions (4)3. Social norms and Law (4)4. Legal justice and Distributive Justice (4)5. Natural justice and Restorative justice (4) (20)

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