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Subject and Code ACC101AAssessment Title Video using ZoomGraduate Capabilities List the graduate capabilities being developed in this assessmentGC1 – Professional ExpertiseGC6 – Independent self-managementGC7 – Technology and information literacyLearning Outcome/s (found in the Subject Outline) a. Identify the terminology and concepts that underlie the preparation of general-purpose financial reportsc. Explain the information needs of managementAssessment type (group or individual) IndividualWeighting % 15%Word count / Time limit 5 MinutesDue day Week 4 Sunday 11:59pm (Final Video File Submission)Submission type Moodle AssignmentFormat / Layout of Video PresentationAssessment Zoom video file ?ICMS Cover Page ?Reference List ? instructions Your first assessment task is to create a 5-minute video presentation that explains key accounting concepts, stakeholders and characteristics of financial accounting to managers with non-accounting backgrounds. The presentation will address three particular items with the key details included below:a. Accounting concept (Choose ONE):i. Briefly explain the conceptii. Outline which financial statement it belongsiii. Provide an example, outlining its key featuresb. Key stakeholder (Choose ONE):i. Definition of stakeholder.ii. Relationship with the .iii. Main type of accounting information they need (include an example)c. Qualitative characteristic (Choose ONE):i. Briefly explain the characteristicii. Outline why it is important for accountingiii. Provide an example that shows its importance.The options available for the concept, stakeholder and characteristic that you can use is included in the table below:Accounting concepts Key stakeholder Qualitative characteristics• Asset • Employees • Relevance• Liability • Government • Materiality• Equity • Suppliers • Faithful representation• Revenue • Shareholders • Comparability• Expense • Environment • Verifiability• Creditors • Timeliness• Customers • UnderstandabilityYou are required to create a PowerPoint document that provides the key points of your presentation. Your presentation will require you to record both the webcam and the screen simultaneously. The best way to do this is through Zoom. Open your Zoom account and enter a meeting room. Then share screen to show your prepared Powerpoint. Have your webcam on and click record to your desktop.A link to this video presentation needs to be submitted to your lecturer via the Moodle assignment tool by Week 4 Sunday at 11:59pm. A video on how to upload the MP4 video from your desktop to Echo360 can be found in the submission link. Please view this before submitting.Late submissions will result in a reduction in marks in accordance with the ICMS Assessment Submission, Extension and Feedback Procedures. As part of your submission, you will be required to include an ICMS Cover Page and a Reference List including all references you used for your presentation. These can be uploaded to the Moodle assignment submission tool. You will NOT be required to submit your PowerPoint document separately as it will already be included in your recording.As the time limit for the video is 5-minutes, it is important to be precise with your explanations and not provide unnecessary information. Deductions will apply if your presentation exceeds the 5-minute time limit. For more information regarding how marks are allocated, refer to the Marking Rubric.Readings for the assessment 1. Zoomhttps://zoom.usRegistering for a free account is quick and easy2. AASB Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting https://www.aasb.gov.au/admin/file/content105/c9/Conceptual_Framework_05-19.pdf3. Objective of General Purpose Financial Reporting https://www.aasb.gov.au/admin/file/content102/c3/SAC2_8-90_2001V.pdfGrading Criteria / Rubric Please refer to the table provided below:ASSESSMENT BRIEFAssessment 1 – Marking RubricCriteria HD(85-100) D (75-84) CR (65-74) PASS(50-64) FAIL (0-49)Knowledge andUnderstanding(50%) Demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the selected concept, stakeholder and characteristic. Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the selected concept, stakeholder and characteristic. Demonstrates a sound understanding of the selected concept, stakeholder and characteristic. Demonstrates a satisfactoryunderstanding selected concept, stakeholder and characteristic. Demonstrates an unsatisfactory understanding selected concept, stakeholder and characteristic.Delivery(30%) Outstanding delivery of information that showcases excellent voice projection, pacing and body language in a well- paced presentation with terrific flow. Strong delivery of information thatshowcases very goodvoice projection, pacing and body language in a well-paced presentation with solid flow. Good delivery of information with sound voice projection, pacing and body language in a presentation with reasonable flow. Satisfactory delivery of information had somevoice projection, pacing and body language in a presentation with some flow. Poor delivery of information with limited voice projection, pacing and body language.Resources(20%) Terrific PowerPoint document that provides accurate, concise information in a well- structured and very aesthetically pleasing manner. Very good PowerPoint document that provides accurate, summarised information in a structured, aesthetically pleasing manner. Good PowerPoint document that provides information in a presentable manner. Reasonable PowerPoint document that had information in a reasonably presentable manner with a few minor errors in accuracy. Poorly designedPowerPoint document that had missing and/or inaccurate information.Page 4 of 4

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