61239 – Task 3 infection risk in practice• Assess potential infections

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Task 3 infection risk in • Assess potential and outbreaks associated with climate change, and areas most at risk geographically;• Critically analyse and discuss that climate change contributes to increased risk of infections, both existing and emerging;• and discuss a risk assessment/management strategy or framework that could support authorities to assess, manage and treat potential outbreaks;• Consider the benefits this strategy or framework offers in outbreak management and disease prevention.Your presentation must be supported by credible, current scholarly literature which must be evident through use of citations. Students may use PowerPoint, Google slides, Mindmaps, Infographics or other suitable presentation software.Learning outcomes:1. Critically evaluate contemporary theoriesrelated to infection risk management and itsapplication to practice.2. Design and critique tools to promote qualityassurance for their use within health-relatedinfection risk management.

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