61308 – ITNE3007 Advanced RoutingProjectAssignment Type Group

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Advanced Type Group Project (4 students in each group)Week Issued 7Total Marks 20Submission Deadline Week 12 (25-October-2020) via MoodleSubmission files Only one submission per group(group member name and ID should be included in the report)GNS3 file, Word documentPenalties Penalties for late submission and plagiarism in accordance with VIT guidelinesThe purpose of the is to test students on their ability to apply Routing theories and concepts.Objective(s)This assessment relates to the unit learning outcomes as specified in the unit descriptor. This assessment is designed to evaluate student’s ability on planning, configuring and verifying the implementation of secure enterprise LAN and WAN network solutions multiple routing protocols.The following ULOs are assessed in this assessment.LO1 Explain basic routing concepts and plan the configuration and verification of routing protocols and their optimization in enterprise networksLO2 Analyse the technologies, components, and metrics used to implement and verify routing in diverse, large-scale internetworks based on enterprise requirements.LO3 Critically evaluate various multi-area routing functions and benefits for routing efficiencies in network operations in order to implement and verify routing in a complex enterprise network.LO4 Implement and verify a redistribution solution in a multi-protocol network with control path selection and loop-free topology according to a given network design meeting enterprise requirements.LO5 Evaluate common network security and performance issues and identify the tools needed to control the pathINSTRUCTIONSThese instructions apply to the Project:Group Project (Weightage 20%) – The submissions should be uploaded on the LMS by Session 12This Project will focus on student’s ability to implement an enterprise level network that runs multiple routing protocols. The project should be conducted as a group task by a group of 4 students. Upon the implementation of the network, students should produce a comprehensive report, which includes screenshots of configuration of routers and other nodes, and brief explanation of the screenshots. Students should implement the network based on the given scenario in a virtual environment using GNS3. make sure to name the devices with the group name.If any third-party content is used, the citation of sources is mandatory and should follow IEEE style.Remember that all your screenshots should include your student ID as the hostname of router (e.g. Melbourne3-S1234).Scenario:ABC Pty is an Airline company which owns the public IP range and AS number 31400. They had recently acquired a start-up software development company named XYZ Pty Ltd. The ABC Pty Ltd and XYZ Pty Ltd have been respectively running OSPF and EIGRP as their Interior Gateway Protocols. In order to establish connectivity between two sites, the management decided to use route redistribution.ABC Pty Ltd is connected to the internet through ISP1 with AS number 42000 using a BGP peering.A simplified network topology is given below with the IP Allocations for each network.Figure 1: Topology DiagramTable 1: IP Address PlanDevice Name Interface IP AddressISP Router S0/0 S0/0 Fa0/0 Fa0/0 S0/1 Fa0/0 are to implement the given topology in GNS3 and configure the following tasks to produce this topology as a proof of concept to the management of ABC Pty Ltd.Task 1: Configuring Interior Gateway Protocolsi. Configure OSPF with passive interfaces in ABC Pty Ltd network (exclude Loopback interfaces from being advertised in OSPF process)ii. Configure EIGRP with passive interfaces in XYZ Pty Ltd networkTask 2: Re-distribute routes into Interior Gateway Protocolsi. Re-distribute routes in ABC Pty Ltd network into EIGRP routing process running in Router 1ii. Re-distribute routes in XYZ Pty Ltd network into OSPF routing process running in Router 1Task 3: Configure BGP in the networki. Configure eBGP Peering between Router 1 and ISP routerii. Configure iBGP Peering between Router 1 and Router 2Task 4: Securing routing table with Filtering Ingress Routesi. Configure Ingress Filtering on ISP routerWhat to Submit:You need to submit a report which includes the screenshots of your configurations and verifications with descriptions for each screenshot along with the GNS3 file of your project on Moodle.Please Note: All work should be submitted by the due date and time. Late submissions will be penalized at the rate of 10% per day including weekends.Marking Guide: 100 MarksPlease note that this project will contribute towards 20% of the final grade.Task Description MarksReport Layout The report style, language and structure should be appropriate. All screenshots and descriptions need to be compiled and in a single final report and any given suggestions need to be incorporated. The report must containi. Cover page with Unit Code, Group Name, UnitName and Student IDs ii. Table of ContentsScreenshots with caption/description 10Network Topology Topology must be according to the given scenario 10Network Configurations This section should include the configurations done in the virtualized network environment. You should break down this section into four tasks and include at least 7 screen shots from each of these tasks and a brief description.• Successful configuration of task 1 • Successful configuration of task 2 • Successful configuration of task 3• Successful configuration of task 4 40Results This section should include the verification of yourconfigurations. Results should prove that the network has been configured properly and according to the scenario• Verification of task1 configurations • Verification of task2 configurations • Verification of task3 configurations • Verification of task4 configurations40

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