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Assignment :
ASSESSMENT 2 Code and : Consulting ProjectAssessment Work Integrated ReportIndividual/Group IndividualLength 2,500 words (+/- 10%)Learning Outcomes a) Formulate a workplace through of the way a business operates within your industry specialism. b) Apply relevant frameworks, theoretical models and concepts to underpin the analysis of researching and reporting, on a work place project.c) Produce a substantial, well-organised, clear and coherent independent business research report.d) Manage and self-direct work and learning, within a relevant professional context.e) Demonstrate the ability to critically reflect on work integrated learning activities and self-identify personal goals and learning needs.f) Enhance employability via development of a professional competency portfolio.Submission Due by 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday of module 4 (week8)Weighting 50%Total Marks 100 marksContext:Assessment 2 is a substantial research report designed to enhance your employability in the future, by assisting you to systematically identify relevant workplace competencies that you can develop further i.e. getting you career-ready. The Assessment is about YOU and your future career! In the report you will implement the plan you outlined in Assessment 1.The report will use accepted academic frameworks, theoretical models and/or concepts to underpin its findings. To do this you should draw primarily on the readings from the modules, with additional resources a bonus. To be clear, we are expecting to see the learning resources from the modules being used well throughout the paper. You will use these resources to help you review your chosen workplace and the industry it operates in and to identify skills, experience, competencies and behaviours you can personally develop, to enhance your employability and potential for advancement in the future.On completion, Assessment 2 can become your short term “roadmap” to a successful career!Instructions:You are required to produce a professional, well-organised, clear and coherent, independent report of 2,500 words that has an Executive Summary, Table of Contents, Introduction and Conclusion.Your Introduction should include a clear statement of the of the paper and how it proceeds (i.e. provide the structure of the paper). It should also identify the position/role you aspire to in the future. Following this you will include a further four main sections:1. Industry placement review: Include a brief of your industry placement organisation and what you are doing there. Then properly describe the industry and its broader employment opportunities and the type of role you would like in the future (your “target job” in the industry). If you have yet not done your industry placement you need to agree a revised approach to this section with your Lecturer well in advance of submission.2. Current personal skills and behaviours: Collect and present as much primary (collected by you) and secondary (collected by others) data as you can on your own current skills and behaviours. You should start by presenting your LPA and Gallup results. You might also do some interviews and/or use previous workplace feedback (oral or written e.g. performance reports). This should culminate in all the data being presented in a personal SWOT analysis (presented in a Table and discussed). Note that the Strengths and Weaknesses will be your own – and the Opportunities and Threats relate to your future employment3. Future position skills and behaviours: Collect and present as much information as you can on the skills and behaviours required in the position/role you aspire to in the future (identified in section 1). You might use job descriptions, interviews with HR representatives or people already in the role, or other data sources. It is important that you do not guess the skills and behaviours required for the position/role.4. Gap analysis: Conduct a Gap Analysis that examines your current skills and behaviours against those required for the job/career you aspire to in the future. The Gap Analysis should be clearly linked to what you found in Sections 2 and 3. It should also be presented in a summary Table and then the specific skills, experience, competencies and behaviours you identify as needing development discussed. Note that you might find something here that can be included in Assessment 3.Remember to utilise and reference theory and concepts from the modules to underpin the report.You should also include a conclusion where you summarise the paper, make a commitment to “closing any gap” identified earlier in the paper and also identify what you can do to maintain continuous learning throughout your career.Note that Appendices may be used and are not included in the word count.Submission Instructions:? Submit the assessment via the Assessment link, in the main navigation menu, in IND301A, by the end of week 8. The facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre in the LMS portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.Learning Rubric: Assessment 2Assessment Attributes Fail (Unacceptable) 0-49% Pass(Functional)50-64% Credit(Proficient) 65-74% Distinction(Advanced)75 -84% High Distinction(Exceptional)85-100%Use and referencing of accepted research, theory, frameworks and data sources.20 %Accepted research theory and frameworks are not used, not referenced and/or not understood.Data sources are poor. An adequate use, referencing and understanding of accepted research theory and frameworks is demonstrated.Standard data sources are utilised.A good understanding and referencing of accepted research theory and frameworks is demonstrated.There is thoughtful use of a diverse range of reliable data sources.An advanced use, referencing and understanding of accepted research theory and framework is demonstrated.A significant number of high-class data sources are utilised.Outstanding use, referencing and understanding of accepted research theory and framework is demonstrated.An extensive amount of excellent data sources are utilised.Highly innovative sources of data are incorporated.Formulates an effective, insightful and justifiable“roadmap” for the student’s future career an in line with instructions in the brief60 %Demonstrates limited awareness of context and/or purpose of the assignment.Fails to provide a plan that is reasonable and/or applicable.Demonstrates adequate awareness of context and/or purpose of the assignment.Provides a standard, straightforward or obvious plan.Demonstrates consistent awareness of context and/or purpose of the assignment.Provides a good plan that reflects skilful analysis and some original thinking.Demonstrates an advanced and integrated understanding of context and/or purpose of the assignment.Provides an advanced plan that reflects welldeveloped analysis and original thinking. Consistently demonstrates a systematic and critical understanding of context and purpose of the assignment.Provides expert recommendations that reflect sophisticated analysis, original thinking, and creativity.IND301A_Assessment 2_Report_Module 4 Page 4 of 5Delivery of a professionally structured, written and presented document20 % Poorly structured document that is difficult to understand and not well-presented. Acceptable structure and presentation and adequately written. Information, plan and explanations are wellstructured and written.Line of reasoning is easy to follow.Information, plan and explanations are very well structured and written.Line of reasoning is logical, insightful and easy to follow.Valuable graphics and/or supporting data/models or theory are introduced that aid in the explanation of the logic.Expertly presented; the plan is logical, persuasive and wellsupported by theory.Line of reasoning and approach is expertly written and clear.Extremely effective use of graphics and/or supporting data/models or theory are introduced that aid in the explanation of the logic.IND301A_Assessment 2_Report_Module 4 Page 5 of 5

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