61688 – 2nd Written AssessmentChoose a renowned failed project.

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Assignment Details:
2nd AssessmentChoose a renowned . Ascertain that this is a project failure not the failure of a . Describe the selected project and analyse the losses incurred by the project. Examine the concrete reasons for the selected project’s failure and propose alternative solutions / recommendations which are underpinned by supporting . Students will be expected to utilise project management throughout their assignment and include diagrams, tables, charts and graphs to illustrate their answers. note; This must be in an essay format and approximately 2,500 in length. All students need to clear their selection of failed projects with the lecturer.Assessment RubricGrade and MarksDescriptionHigh Distinction (HD) -85% and aboveDistinction (D) -75% – 84%ICredit (C) -Excellent understanding of all the concepts; very clear explanations with relevant examples to substantiate the arguments. Systematic and logical flow of reasoning; use of appropriate diagrams and numerical examples where relevant; excellent display of knowledge and its applicability.Sound understanding of all the concepts; dear explanations with ^mptes to substantiate the arguments. Good flow of reasoning: use of appropnae numerical examples fairly; good dispiay of know.edge and itsapplicability. ___ _ —Reasonable understanding ofjhe now ^‘reasoning.

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