61723 – Choose an Australian organisation that has not expanded

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an Australian that has not overseas.Examine briefly the of this organisation, its history and current situation. Assume that this organisation is going to expand operations into a non- speaking country of your choice.Examine, in detail, the various HR issues the organisation will have to face in the foreign country based on the topics discussed in this course.Your paper clearly reflect at two of the key International HRM areas of;Recruitment and Selection,Training and Development,Performance ,Compensation,Labour Relations, etc.Based on this background and your findings, you are then finally expected to prepare a proposed training plan/policy for management of the organisation in the new country they are expanding into, highlighting issues, concerns and considerations.Formatting and Layout:3600 wordsPrepare a 1.5 spaced, essay style format, using Calibri 11 font.Referencing Style to be used: You are required to use the Harvard Referencing style with at least 10 quality credible academic references.

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