61898 – BSTR 301 Business Strategy -T2 _2020Final assessment

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BSTR 301 -T2 _ (in lieu of exam)• This is an assessment task and must be submitted in Turnitin link provided in the Moodle.• No reference is required in this assessment task.• use the information provided in the case study and the textbook to answer your .• A similarity of less that 20% is required in this assessment task• No extensions will be granted.• This assessment task is divided into two parts:This case study is uploaded on the Moodle in the assessment Brief sectionCase study is adapted from the prescribed textbook.• All questions must be answered in the case study• Each answer must be approximately 500 (+/-10%)• Each question carries 10 marksCase study questions. Each question carries 10 marks• Discuss the style of Adnam Brewing Company. How does it to its success? (500 words +/-10%)• Using Porters Five Forces analyse Adnam’s strategy to open a branch in Dubai? (500 words +/-10%)• Evaluate the strategic management process used in Adnam company? (500 words +/-10%).• Identify three main for Adnam’s growth in the future and recommend three strategies to overcome the challenges. (500 words +/-10%).

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