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TASK 2 – Report – Research and determine regulatory recordkeeping requirements, and Role-play? Task summaryFor this assessment you are required to analyse information and conduct research to determine recordkeeping requirements for an organisation (SimIT – simulated business – provided by your assessor), document your findings and present the information to the CEO of the company.Role-play will be conducted to discuss your report and risk assessment, and to get input and feedback on the information you have collated.? Resources and equipment required to complete this tasko Access to textbooks and other learning materials.o Access to a computer, word process software (Microsoft Word), printer, Internet and email software (if required).o Access to SimIT Information and Project Management simulated business/casestudy (provided) document. o Access to relevant legislations, regulations, standards and codes.o Space to conduct a meeting o Role-play participants (assessor and students) o Risk Assessment template (provided by the assessor).? When and where should the task be completed?o This task may be done in your own time as homework or you may be given time to do this task in class (where applicable).o This task may also be done in your workplace (this may be during your work placement, where applicable).o Your assessor will provide you with the due date for this assessment.? What needs to be submitted?o Research report o Risk Assessment o Role-play notes? Instructions: o You will participate in a role-play (see template at the end of this task). o Please use the “Template for a Report” (provided by your trainer) to complete the project assessment.o Your assessor will advise as to whether you must email them your completed assessment, submit the file on a USB drive or hand in a hard copy.o Carefully read the provided case-study (SimIT -simulated business) and complete the activities.Task 2 – You are to prepare a report (RESEARCH AND DETERMINE REGULATORY RECORDKEEPING REQUIREMENTS), then participate in a role-play (template provided below).Read the simulated business/case study (SimIT Information and Project Management) – then complete the 7 questions/activities that follow.Ideally, you should pay special attention to the following pages; 4-10, 14-30, 31-42, 92-96, 105-112.Complete the following activities:1. Based on the information provided to you in the case study, make a list of SimIT’s business functions that would require records to be kept and the type of records they may keep, for example, payroll would keep tax file numbers, learning and development would keep learning records, customer service would keep customer information and bills, etc. You are required to identify at least two record-keeping requirements for each branch and may presume any information missing from the case study.2. For each of the business functions identified research the regulatory requirements. You will need to research:? Legislation and regulations that apply to SimIT for all the States of operation Australia wide. This must include what evidence is required to be captured, what records have to be retained, how the records are retained (eg electronic, copies, original) and stored, and for how long? Community, social and ethical standards and Codes of Professional conduct that may apply? National and technical standards that may apply? The requirement for technology that can read and access the records? The implications and impact of legal liabilities on the principle areas of risk identified (in the case study)? The specification and format of the record and evidence requirement. For example, under the Fair Work Act 2009 a pay slip has to be in either electronic form or hard copy and contain specific information. Where there is no set specification for a record you may decide upon the detail.3. Collate the data you have collected from the case study, the business functions with record keeping requirements and the regulatory requirements into a report.Your report should be clear and concise and structured logically for the intended audience (your assessor). You are encouraged to make use of tables in your report to make the relationship clear between the business functions and the research you have conducted. This report should be at least 7-8 pages including the Executive Summary, Introduction, Main body, Recommendations, Conclusion, and Reference List.4. Complete a risk assessment for the principle areas of risk (as identified in the case study) and for each record-keeping requirement and that you have identified. Use the Risk Assessment template that has been provided by your assessor. The assessment of risks will inform the development of your framework.Your risk assessment must include:? a description of the risk? the likelihood of the risk occurring? the potential impact of the risk? the risk control? the risk consequence rating? the level of risk ? priority rating.5. Submit your report and risk assessment to your CEO (your assessor) and request a meeting to discuss. You should submit the report at least a week prior to the meeting.6. Meet (Role-play) with your CEO (your assessor) to discuss your report and risk assessment. The purpose of this meeting is to get input and feedback on the information you have collated.During the meeting you are required to demonstrate effective communication and interaction skills, including:? Using language and content that is appropriate for the audience? Using active listening and questioning skills to clarify information and confirm understanding? Appropriate use of non-verbal communicationPrepare a 1-page summary/notes of your role-play and submit this.7. Following the meeting, consider the suggestions for improvement and feedback from the CEO (list and describe these as part of your answer to this question) and make the necessary changes to your report and risk assessment. Submit final copies to the CEO (your assessor).What do I need to hand in for this task? Have I completed this?Research report ?Risk assessment ?Role-play notes ?

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