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Assignment Details:
NRSG 374 AssessmentWritten Critique of a Guideline to better improve patient careStudents to provide 1800-word critique of a guideline against relevant elements of the• NSQHSS and/or• NMBA standards and/or• Palliative Care standardsDue date: 21/12/2020 1600 hoursWeighting: Pass/FailLength and/or format: 1800 words +/- 10%Purpose: You are required to demonstrate an understanding of how theory translates into practical nursing care and how underpins best practice. You will review and critique the care given in the Case Study provided according to the provided Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG’s) to the highlighted .Learning outcomes assessed: LO1, LO5, LO7How to submit: Electronic Submission via TurnitinReturn of assignment: The feedback and grade will be returned via Turnitin.Assessment criteria: The assessment will be marked using the criteriabased rubric. Please note that in-text citations are included in the word count whilst the reference list is not included in the word count. Words that are more than 10% over the word count will not be considered.WORD COUNTWriting requires skill and being able to within a specified word limit is an essential component of and academic work. Reading and writing are fundamental skills which demonstrate an understanding and an ability to make judgements and solve problems, hence why only 10% of a word count should be direct quotes. That is, if the word count is 1500 words only 150 of those words should be direct quotes. Word counts provide students with an indication of the amount of detail and work required for each assessment item.What is included in a word count?Essentially, all text within an assessment item from the introduction through to the conclusion is counted in the word count. This includes all in-text citations, direct quotes and headings. The word count does not include the following:• Title page• Reference list• Appendices• Tables• Figures and legendsASSIGNMENTS SUBMITTED JUST BEFORE THE DUE DATE AND TIMEPlease note that if you submit your assignment, notice that the similarity index is high but do not have time to revise your assignment before the due date has passed, then you are advised to:• contact the Lecturer in Charge and request that your assignment be removed.• revise the assignment, submit it within three days of the due date and incur a late submission penalty.• submit it into the regular drop box. Do not submit into the extension drop box. Please review the Academic Integrity and Misconduct policy if you choose not to do this.REFERENCINGThis unit requires you to use the APA referencing system.See the ‘Academic referencing’ page of the Student Portal for more details.Below is a link that might be helpful regarding palliative care referrals and community palliative care supports. This is the form that is discussed in the case study, students are able to utilise this if they wish as a resource or reference and would be referenced as follows:North and West Metropolitan Region Palliative Care Consortium. (2007). Palliative Care Clinical Referral. Retrieved from https://health-services.mercyhealth.com.au/wpcontent/uploads/sites/31/2017/08/SCTT-Referral-Form-Pall-Care.pdf

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