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Assessment BSB61015 Diploma of Leadership and ManagementUnit Code BSBINN601Unit Name Lead and manage organisational changeAssessor NameStudent NameStudent IDDate DuePlease read and sign this assessment coversheet and submit it together with your assessment to your Assessor by the due date.Student DeclarationI declare that the work submitted is my own, and has not been copied or plagiarised from any person or source.I have read the Plagiarism Policy and Assessment Appeal and Reassessment Policy in the Student Handbook and I understand all the rules and guidelines for undertaking assessments.I understand that by typing my full name in the student field this is equivalent to a hand-written signature.I give permission for my assessment material to be used for continuous improvement purposes.Student Signature Date SubmittedAssessor Use OnlyAssessment Items ResultTask 1 ? Case studyTask 2 ? ReportTask 3 ? PresentationFinal Result for this unitStudent Declaration: I declare that I have been assessed in this unit, and I have been advised of my result. I am also aware of my appeal rights. Assessor Declaration: I declare that I have conducted a fair, valid, reliable and flexible assessment with this student, and I have provided appropriate feedbackSignature SignatureDateAssessor’s Final CommentsTask 1Assessment InstructionsUsing the scenario information supplied, you will identify strategic change needs, review existing policy, monitor trends in the external environment that impact on organisation’s objectives, identify operational change objectives, prioritise change requirements and consult experts or specialists to assist in identification of change requirements and opportunities. You will then write a report to management outlining the change requirements.ProcedureReview the scenario information provided in Appendix for Fast Track Couriers and Prepare a 3–4 page report detailing change requirements for Fast Track. Include all of the information you identified and explanations that you prepared in steps 1–8. Submit all documents to your assessor as per the specifications below. Ensure you keep a copy of all work submitted for your records.To be deemed competent you will need to successfully demonstrate the following:You must submit:• A 3-4 page report including all information identified in the procedure below1. Analyse the organisational objectives provided in the scenario to identify the change requirements for Fast Track Couriers:a. Identify requirements for changeb. prepare an explanation of how your identified change needs link to the organisation’s strategic plan goal/s.2. Review the organisation’s current state to understand how the current policies, practices and operations deliver against the organisation’s strategic goals.Review the organisation’s performance against objectives with regards to its:a. peopleb. processesc. technologyd. structure.3. Monitor external trends to identify events or trends which may impact on the achievement of the organisation’s strategic plan goals:a. identify two external trendsb. develop an explanation of how the trends currently impact or will impact organisational objectives.4. Identify major operational change requirements:a. identify changes due to performance gapsb. identify changes due to business opportunitiesc. identify changes due to threatsd. identify changes due to management decisions.5. Identify specialists to be consulted to assist with identifying change needs:a. identify specialists you will engage to help identify change requirements and be prepared to explain your reasons for engaging these specialistsb. identify what consulting model you would adopt to engage the specialists and be prepared to explain why you would use this model.6. Assume your assessor is a specialist/expert of the kind you have identified in step 5. Consult with your assessor to assist with identification of change management requirements and opportunities.7. Identify the managers that need to be informed. Prepare a plan that identifies who, when and how stakeholder managers will be engaged to review and prioritise change requirements.8. Assume your assessor is a manager you have identified. Consult with your assessor to review the changes you propose and to help you prioritise changes. Suggest and justify the priority you have assigned to each change you recommend.Task 2Assessment InstructionsThis is an assessment. Using the scenario information supplied, you will undertake a cost-benefit analysis for high-priority change requirements, undertake a risk analysis, identify barriers, and develop mitigation strategies. You will develop a change management project plan, assign resources and develop a reporting process. You will then present their analysis and project plan to management for approval.ProcedureReview the simulated workplace information for Fast Track Couriers and develop a change management strategy for Fast Track, which you will present to management (your assessor) for approval, by following steps 1–6 below.1. Identify change goals and specify:a. who/what is impactedb. how they are impactedc. when the impacts will be realised.2. Identify the change goals you have identified are to organisation’s strategic goals.3. Undertake a cost-benefit analysis of the of the change requirements. Include:a. the change requirementsb. the costs of changesc. risksd. the possible benefits of each changee. assessment of the benefits against the costs and risksf. categorised changes:i. feasible (F)ii. maybe feasible (MF)iii. not feasible (NF).4. Undertake a risk analysis of the change requirements:a. identify the risks and barriersb. analyse and evaluate the risks and barriersc. identify mitigation strategy.5. Develop a change management project plan. In order to justify your plan, include a brief explanation of the change management theory/methodology followed to embed change. Your plan must reflect theory and you must be prepared to explain to management how key elements of your plan, such as stakeholder management, communication, education/training plans, show elements of a particular theory.6. Include the following components in your plan:a. Stakeholder management:i. identify key stakeholders and rolesii. identify commitment leveliii. identify concerns/issues (and how can these will be addressed)iv. consultation methods for engaging identified stakeholders.b. Communication plan:i. audienceii. messageiii. when this communication will occuriv. how the message will be communicated (e.g. email, face to face, newsletter)v. person responsible.c. Education/training plan:i. participantsii. the skills the training will provideiii. when the training will occuriv. how the training will be delivered (e.g. class room, online, on-the-job)v. person responsible.7. Your project plan should also include a measuring/reporting strategy. Measurement and reporting strategy should include:a. how you will measure successb. how you will report success including:i. format of reportsii. when will reports be produced (weekly, fortnightly, monthly)iii. who will receive a copy of the report.8. Finally, your project plan should also include a list of resources (tools, supplies, etc.)9. Gain approval for your change management strategy and ask for authorisation to implement strategy. Your assessor will approve your strategy based on your completion of this assessment task and satisfaction of specifications below.10. Submit all documents to your assessor as per the specifications below. Ensure you keep a copy of all work submitted for your records.To be deemed competent you will need to successfully demonstrate the following:You must submit:• change management project planTask 3Assessment InstructionsThis is an individual assessment. For this task, you are required to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to implement change management strategy. Using the scenario information supplied, the candidate will conduct an implementation review. The candidate will then consult with a union representative and General Manager to receive input and develop a revised communication plan. Finally, the candidate will deliver a 5 minute information session to employees.Procedure1. Review the simulated workplace information for Fast Track Couriers.2. Following the plan provided in Appendix, develop a survey to gather feedback from employees.3. Meet with a union representative (your assessor) to receive and discuss results of survey. Ask for additional input to help you revise your change management communications strategy.4. Draft revised communications plan and overall project plan (from Assessment Task 2) in consideration of barriers identified through consultation process (with your assessor acting as a union representative) and those identified in risk analysis provided in Appendix. Highlight strategic elements in your plan that you will deploy to gain trust and acceptance of change. Ensure you consider the needs of all stakeholders to gain support for planned changes.5. Meet with General Manager (assessor) to discuss ideas for revised communications plan and overall project plan based on feedback.a. Discuss the needs of all stakeholders.b. Discuss creative technique, activity or tactic you will use to gain trust and acceptance in the 5 minute information session you will deliver.c. Ensure you anticipate possible resistance by this stakeholder and promote your plans to gain acceptance.6. Develop a session plan for a 5 minute information session. Include an outline of what activities you will be doing, how long you will be doing them, and how the activity will achieve the goal of employee acceptance of change process. Ensure you anticipate possible resistance from these stakeholders and plan to overcome resistance.7. Deliver session to employees (your assessor/other learners). Ensure you take a consultative approach to the session and invite participation, questions, input, etc. and ensure you incorporate a creative technique, activity or tactic in the session.8. Submit all documents to your assessor as per the specifications below. Ensure you keep a copy of all work submitted for your records.To be deemed competent you will need to successfully demonstrate the following:You must submit copy of:? one survey? drafts of communications and overall project plans to indicate review of plans (including highlighted strategic element/s)? planning and support documents for your 5 minute information session (such as a plan for the session, PowerPoint presentation, handouts, and a creative activity for gaining trust and acceptance of change process).

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