62483 – Globalization and Governance in International Relations(Deadline

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and in ( January 2021 – 5th of January):: Between 3000-4000Questions/topics for final paper1. Is there a tension regarding governance between the “west” and the “global south”?2. How global politics and environment are related?3. Are anti/alter-globalization movements relevant political actors in the contemporary debate focusing on global issues?4. Are IR feminist theories an alternative to the IR mainstream?5. Are current waves of migration representing a crisis of contemporary processes of globalization and global governance?• After choosing one of these topics, critically analyse and explain the major issues and challenges related to the topic, and, if you want, including also specific case-.• Use at least 5-6 scientific references and write a final bibliography.Between 3000 and 4000 words for students who attend the course.• Papers submitted late will be penalized 0.5 for each day they are late.

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