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Name III in of Travel and Tourism ManagementSubject/module Promotional International AirfaresAssessment method Case Study/PracticalWeighting 50%Unit of Competency SITTTSL013Construct Promotional International AirfaresInstructions1. Assessments should be completed as per your trainer’s instructions.2. Assessments must be submitted by the due date to avoid a late submission penalty.3. Plagiarism is copying someone else’s work and submitting it as your own. You must write your answers in your own words and include a reference list. A mark of zero will be given for any or part of an assessment that has been plagiarised.4. You may discuss your assessments with other students, but submitting identical answers to other students will result in a failing grade. Your answers must be yours alone.5. Your trainer will advise whether the assessment should be digitally uploaded or submitted in hard copy. Assessments that are digitally uploaded should be saved in pdf format.6. You must attempt all questions.7. You must pass all assessments in to pass the subject.8. All assessments are to be completed in accordance with WHS regulatory requirements.Assessment 2Calculate the least expensive fares and taxes, and then complete the tickets for the following itineraries:Question 1Adelaide QF x/Melbourne QF Tokyo QF Istanbul surface Madrid BA London BA Johannesburg QF x/Perth QF Adelaide (24 marks)MPM’SEH AP TSADL IST 11 185 17 601 12 906ADL MAD 12 547 16 672 14 156Date TPMADL MEL 12 APR 408MEL TYO 1152 AAPPRR 5 090TYO IST 05 MAY 5 755SurfaceMAD LON 17 OCT 785LON JNB 17 OCT 5 076JNB PER 29 OCT 4 648PER ADL 29 OCT 1 316FCPFare typeNUCRuleMPMTPMEMAADJ TPMEMSHIPAFCheckTotalROELCFASSESSMENT 2Question 1 (continued)FARE CALCULATIONFAREEQUIV FARE PAIDTAXTAXTAXTOTALASSESSMENT 2Question 2Hamilton Island QF x/Brisbane QF Auckland NZ Nelso QF Sydney QF Cairnsn NZ x/Wellington(21 marks)Date Classes availableHTI BNE 16 Mar AllBNE AKL 16 Mar V, SAKL NSN 20 Mar AllNSN WLG 28 Mar AllWLG SYD 28 Mar VSYD CNS 02 Apr AllFARE CALCULATIONFAREEQUIV FARE PAIDTAXTAXTAXTOTALAssessment 2Question 3What is the children’s fare in AUD for the itinerary in Question 2? (5 marks)Assessment 2Question 4Launceston QF x/Melbourne QF Auckland QF Los Ang Orleans surface Washington AA San Francisco AA Hon QF Launceston.eles AA Newnolulu QF x/Sydney(21 marks)g Date Classes availableLST MEL 05 Dec AllMEL AKL 05 Dec B, H, K, M, RAKL LAX 18 Dec B, HLAX MSY 23 Dec AllsurfaceWAS SFO 28 Jan AllSFO HNL 04 Feb B, H, K, MHNL SYD 28 Feb B, H, KSYD LST 29 Feb AllFARE CALCULATIONFAREEQUIV FARE PAIDTAXTAXTAXTOTALAssessment 2Question 5Study the Cathay Pacific fares sheet to South Africa, and answer the following questions: (17 marks)a. What cities in South Africa are included on this fare sheet? (If you don’t know the cities names, you can use the 3 letter codes). (1 marks)b. From what Australian cities may you depart from? (1 marks)c. What is the last date a customer could travel on this fare? (1 marks)d. Could your customer fly into Durban, take a coach tour to Capetown, and fly out of Capetown?e. What is the maximum allowed stay if you can only book M class?(1 marks)f. Where are stopovers allowed? (1 marks)g. What would the cancellation fee be for a passenger who cancels before departure, and will be unable to purchase another fare in theforeseeable future? (1 marks)h. What would the nett cost to a travel agent be for a client flying return from Perth to Capetown on the 23rd of October? You check availability and the least expensive class you can book is L class. (2 marks)i. What would the sell price be if you marked it up by 12%? (2 marks)j. What would the total sell price be for 2 adults and 2 children for the above departure? (4 marks)k. What would be your customer’s routing for the above itinerary?Assessment 2 total: 90 marks

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