62836 – Individual Reflective Journal SpecificationsWord limit:

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: 1000Purpose:The Individual Reflective Journal is to ensure each student is able to provide a critical reflection oftheir personal learning , as experienced during this unit. A significant aspect of the reflectivejournal will be your reflections on what you learnt and experienced from your individual assignment.Assignment Task:1. Reflections on any one covered in the unit that interests you the most. Why was it interesting and what did you learn from it?2. Reflections on what you learned from the individual assignment, including the relevance of your chosen management accounting system (MAS) to businesses. What insights did you gain and what had you learnt from it?3. Reflections on your overall research experience from the individual assignment (e.g. searching for journal articles, reading and reviewing the literature etc.) What was enjoyable, what was difficult, and any challenges you experienced?Assignment Structure:The reflective journal should include the following components:a. A brief introduction or overview of what the assignment is aboutb. Body of the assignment with the answersc. ConclusionThere is to be no references provided, as these are your own thoughts, insights and experiences

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