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Plan2016 – 2018Boutique Build AustraliaExecutive SummaryEstablished in 2013, Boutique Build Australia is a building company specialising in the design and building of high quality designer homes for the Sydney metropolitan and surrounding areas.Our vision – to be the best home builder in Australia – drives everything we do, from the friendly greeting we give to customers at our display centre, to our supplier relationships and to our employees’ professional development.VisionTo be the best quality home builder in Australia.Our values are:The core values underpinning our activities are:• Quality• Innovation• Leadership• Respect• Honesty and ReliabilityStrategic PrioritiesKey strategies:To be well led, high performing, profitable and accountable• Ensure that all financial operations, performance indicators and results support the strategic policies• new and expand existing sources of revenue• Achieve profits of at least 10% per annum.Build high quality residences to meet customer needs and aspirations• Increase sales of homes in current Sydney market by 10% per annum over the next three years.• Establish a presence in Queensland and build at least 100 new homes in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast during the period of the Strategic Plan.• Research and plan for the launch of new innovative, environmentally friendly homesContinue building deeper customer relationships• Customer-centred practice, with a focus on meeting their total needs for a high quality home• Strengthen the skills of our people, to better support customers• Drive innovation to better meet customer demandsAttract, engage and develop the best staff• Continuing the drive to a customer centred, high performance workforce and culture• Strengthening the skills of our people, to better support customer needs• Empowering innovation and responsiveness to change• Continuing to enhance the diversity of our workforce.Operational ObjectivesThe following table identifies the operational objectives we plan to achieve in pursuit of our strategic objectives.Date Priorities Key performance indicatorJune 16 Employ at least 3 permanent site staff Site staff in placeJuly 16 Commence recruiting for key positions in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Key staff established for Brisbane and Sunshine CoastAugust 16 Develop and implement work-life balance programs Increased employee satisfaction as measured by surveys.Oct 16Commence promotions in the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast marketSet up display centre in Brisbane and Caloundra QLD Presence in Brisbane establishedNovember 16 Staff performance reviewsAll staff performance reviews conducted2017Jan 17 Develop and implement strategies for increasing number of women in the workplace Number of females in company increased by at least 4 by mid 2016March 17 Commence design of environmentally friendly homes Designs completedMay 17 Commence marketing environmentally homes Build at least 4 environmentally friendly homes by the end of 2016November 17 Staff performance reviews All staff performance reviews conducted2018Feb 18 Review other potential markets Potential markets exploredSept 18 Analyse workforce diversity Number of women in workforce continuing to increaseNov 18 Staff performance reviewsAll staff performance reviews conductedThe MarketMarket characteristics & conditionsThe construction industry had been facing a stagnant phase in recent times, however experts predict a turn around, providing real opportunities in the sector. Although much of the construction industry is expected to see real growth in the coming 12 months, it is the residential building sector that should experience the most growth.The Housing Industry Association (HIA) recently released the summer 2015 edition of its National Outlook and announced that this year see a new record of homes commenced.According to the statistics, a record 195,936 new dwelling commencements were forecast in 2014/15 – a 7.7 per cent growth on the previous year. It is also important to note that this represents the third year in a row where residential construction has improved. This is a vital part of the overall Australian economy.Although a number of states are set for an increase, the Sunshine State is set to experience the most growth. The Queensland Government is providing support by offering first home buyer/builder grants as well as easier procedures for development application approvals.If you were to compare all the major Australian industries – construction, manufacturing, engineering and mining – construction is the only one that is expected to see real growth in the coming years.Globally it is expected that the construction industry will grow from $7.2 trillion to over $12 trillion.The global construction industry has a number of challenges and opportunities according to a recent report by Global Construction Perspectives and Oxford Economics. A number of factors are expected to affect outcomes:• Countries’ decisions with respect to carbon reduction, climate change, waste disposal, clean technology and renewables?• Emerging economies in general are expecting large population increases in the coming decade creating demand for construction activity whereas population growth in developed countries will be flat.• The key area of construction growth in emerging countries will be infrastructure: transport, energy, social infrastructure, schools, hospitals, government accommodation, water, defence infrastructure and natural resources. These projects are expected to increase by 130% in developing countries by 2020 but by only 20% in developed countries.• Eastern Europe and Russia are expected to expand construction by 100% primarily led by Poland and Russia by 2020.• China is expected to become the world’s leading construction market by 2018 with a construction output of $2.5 trillion.In the future, trends in technology, particularly information technology (IT), may be the greatest driver of change in the building and construction industry. Electronic tendering and documentation, data , virtual design, shared project data and databases, construction automation, and energy management will have a significant impact on industry practices. Those parties that are slow to react to these trends will have difficulty in remaining competitive.Project Managers, Structures Forepersons and Commercial Contract Administrators will be at the top of any wish list for construction businesses this year.Situation AnalysisStrengthsWeaknesses? Value and quality? Strong management? Customer loyalty? Friendly organisational culture? Level of available finance for investment? Focus on Sydney market only? Brand name not developed as yet? High turnover of casual workforce? Lack of diversity in workforceOpportunitiesThreats? Housing sector experiencing growth? Potential for growth in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast markets? Innovation in environmental housing? Environmental effects? Changes in Industry/ Government legislation affecting construction industry? Possible adverse effects of government policy formulation? High level of competition? Predicted uncertainties in the world economy impacting level of demand for housing? Low price competitors? Failing to satisfy clients demandsMarketing StrategiesOur marketing strategies aim to:• build trust,• generate leads now,• help to convert those leads quickly, and• will form the basis of ongoing relationships and referrals.We plan to develop our market share by:? Improving our marketing and advertising? Continually improving the quality of service given to clients? Maintaining communication channels with all stakeholders to ascertain industry requirements and then develop products and manage services accordingly? Continually improving communication channels with all our stakeholders, ensuring a flow of timely and accurate information to facilitate effective and decision making? Targeting identified growth markets with planned, market appropriate campaigns employing a variety of promotional strategies and advertising mediums? Offering attractive fee structures to our clients? Continually improving the skills, knowledge and effectiveness of Boutique Build Australia through our commitment to training and development? Regularly reviewing the effectiveness of all our operations and making improvements when and where necessaryRisk ManagementThe following section identifies the associated risks in pursuit of our strategic objectives and how we will deal with them.Strategic Objectives1. To be well led, high performing, profitable and accountable2. Build high quality residents to meet customer needs and aspirations3. Continue building deeper customer relationships4. Attract, engage and develop the best staffRisk Australian government changing policy in relation to industry? Accepting policy change will be a constant factor to manage? An understanding of this should be instilled in all staff? Develop ability to foresee and react quickly to change? Maintain effective communication channels with stakeholders? Diversification of source markets? Develop product rangeRelated to Strategic Objectives: AllRisk Significant drop in cash flow? Identify operating costs as per future plans and past performance? Identify available finance available? Efficient invoicing and debt recovery? Accurate income projections? Close monitoring of expenditure? Arrange overdraft facilities? Scenario planningRelated to Strategic Objectives: AllRisk Failure to recruit planned number of clients? High quality delivery of all services? Swift reaction to feedback? Skilled motivated staff? Attractive fee structures? Effective market research? Monitor performance? Take early corrective action if not meeting targets/ expectations? Maintaining effective relationships with clients? Maintaining effective communication channels with all stakeholdersRelated to Strategic Objectives: AllRisk The world recession and the domino effect? Diversification of target market? Target markets with strong growth forecasted? Monitor the economic trends? Regularly review performance in line with anticipated market conditions? Develop culture of accepting continual change? React quickly to change? Scenario planning? Maintaining effective communication channels with all stakeholdersRelated to Strategic Objectives: 1, 2Risk Over committing resources? Balance activities with amount of finance available for investment? Financial planning? Monitoring of cash flow? Review invoicing/ debt recovery system? Swift response to identified issues? Accessing financial adviceRelated to Strategic Objectives: 1, 2, 4Risk Adverse changes in market conditions? Effective communication channels? Continuous market research? Monitor new markets and overall recruitments trends for all market segments? Scenario planning? Develop working knowledge of potential markets? Networking? Maintaining effective communication channels with all stakeholdersRelated to Strategic Objectives: 1, 2, 4Risk Changes to Acts and other relevant legislation? Emphasis on professional, ethical practices with all stakeholders? Staff training? Leading by example? Policy implementation and monitoring? Effective communication channels with all stakeholders? Ability to manage change? Managing available finance for re-investmentRelated to Strategic Objectives: AllRisk Shortage of/ Difficulty in recruiting appropriate qualified and skilled staff? Development of HR policies and procedures? Offer attractive salary package? Provide opportunities for career progression? Develop stimulating and enjoyable working environment? Commitment to training and development? Commitment to professional developmentRelated to Strategic Objectives: 5Risk Failure to meet and manage client’s expectations? Accurate and timely communication with potential and current clients? Management of recruitment activities? Continuous improvement system? Regularly review learning and teaching approaches, resources, structure and systems? Client management policies in academic and support services? Industry liaison? Reviewing effectiveness of communication channels with clients? Employing a continuous improvement approach to all operations? Continuous market research and action? Systematic feedback on management performance and personal reflectionRelated to Strategic Objectives: AllRisk Failure to comply with legislation? Consistently implement compliant policies and procedures? Continuous improvement system? Commitment to training and development? Systematic review of policies and procedures? Regular reviews of all operationsRelated to Strategic Objectives: AllRisk Failure to control expenditure? Effective financial planning and review? Co-ordination of activities? Systematic review of practice? Financial management and control systems? Facilities management? Implementation of efficient processes? Efficient procurement of products and services? Cost comparisons prior to purchasingRelated to Strategic Objectives: 1, 4Risk Only providing boutique homes? Weighting between diversification/ specialisation? Monitor recruitment trends per market? Forecasting? Cost benefit analysis? Developing reputation for being a specialist in high quality homes? Developing market share for boutique homesRelated to Strategic Objectives: 1, 2, 3Risk Ineffective planning? Experienced management team? Continuous market research? Planning system? Organisation structure and systems? Regular review of structure, systems and procedures? External liaison? Maintaining effective communication channels with all stakeholdersRelated to Strategic Objectives: AllRisk Competitors undercutting prices? Maintain competitive pricing policy? Monitor competitors prices vs quality? Regularly review financial management models/ processes? Continue focusing on quality? Continue strategy of quality brand promotionRelated to Strategic Objectives: AllRisk Rate of growth in client numbers? Systematic review of systems and practice? Buying in knowledge and skills? Sourcing reliable market information? Strategic and operational planning? Review/ amend management structure? Develop policies and procedures? Regular reviews of capacity and operation of all functional and curriculum areas? Good communication channels with stakeholders? Recruitment policy? Finance available for expansionRelated to Strategic Objectives: 1, 2, 3, 4Risk Unethical/ unprofessional practices of staff? Staff selection processes? Staff monitoring systems? Previous experience of managing staff? Swift reaction to feedback? Termination of agreements? Maintain currency of market recruitment trends? Maintain relationships with HR organisationsRelated to Strategic Objectives: AllRisk Casual staff team? Develop database of contract staff? Employ a permanent team of staff? Planning for holidays/ leave? Maintain relationships with HR organisations? Offer incentivised pay structure for casual staffRelated to Strategic Objectives: All

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