62922 – Assessment 5: Case study reportAssessment type: Individual

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5: Case type: assignment (2000 words)Purpose: This assessment will allow students to demonstrate that they can identify, assess, and analyse the situation provided in case study. This assessment contributes to learning outcomes b, c and d.Value: 15%Due Date: Week 10 Sunday 23:55Topic: Case study reportAssignment Details:Assignment descriptionWrite a report on one of the following topics. 2000 wordsUse a consistent referencing style (IEEE OR Harvard)Topics: Your topic is the one listed below, based on the last digit of your ID at KOI.Topic Last Digit of your student ID0) In a COVID-19 situation identify the importance of professional communications and tools and techniques for enhancing the same.In this topic you need to examine what professional communication techniques and tools ICT professionals need to use to communicate well in workplace in the current pandemic situation. You need to use specific examples in ICT industry in your of this topic. 0 or 51) In the current situation of pandemic, identify the importance of personal privacy and how to protect it in face of the emerging Networking Technologies. lor 6K(„ King’s Own nstitutePlease discuss how emerging technologies such as IOT (Internet of Things) introduces privacy risks and what strategies can companies adopt to minimise these privacy risks in the current COVID-19 situation. You can pick an industry where IOT has found significant acceptance and highlight the privacy aspects in that context.

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