62943 – MAC001A: Financial Accounting & Reporting ReadingAssessment

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Assignment :
: & ReadingAssessment 1: 15% Class and Class ParticipationDue Date and Submission details. 800 words limitAssessment 1: Class activity and online class participation includes 15%. Class activity needs to submit by week 5 Sunday 14/02/2021 at 11.55pm in Turnintin box, which is setup in week 5 folder in moodle. requirements: Assessment 1 is an individual work submission. There are 4 weekly topics in the subject’s outline. Topics are:1. Institutional arrangements for setting accounting standards in Australia & The conceptual framework: Purpose, reporting entity, the objective of financial reporting, and qualitative characteristics, the fundamentals of general-purpose financial reporting, Australian Conceptual Framework, Recognition, and measurement of the elements of financial statements. Australian Conceptual Framework.2. The conceptual framework: Definition, recognition, and measurement of the elements in general purpose financial statements.3. The choice of accounting methods & Fair value measurement.4. Accounting for leaseYou can select any two topics out of four topics at your own. Read the selected topic’s chapter, PPT and questions. Make a summary for your selected topics. Submit your work in the week 5 folder in moodle in Turnitin box according to due date.Note 1: You need to submit only one file with includes your two selected topics summary.Note 2: you are not allowed to copy solution of the tutorial questions. You need to write your own explanation. Because it is Turnitin submission. Similarity rate must be below 20%.Note 3: Late submission and exceeding similarity rate 20% will not be marked. will not be marked.Note 4: Late enrolments will miss the assessment.Note 5: There is no word limit for this assessment.

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