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Name: , Leadership and SustainabilityCourse Code: BBM311 Trimester: T1 2021 Assignment (100 marks, 25% of course)Description-The more things change, the more they stay the same-At the heart of this is considering whether we believe that this is true in a business . By comparing and contrasting how two companies in broadly the same industries, but starting at different times, have grown and how they have changed over time, including from an entrepreneurial perspective. For this assignment you will work in groups and:• Select from following company pairs o News Corp/Facebook o Traditional taxi business/Uber o Disney/Netflix o Qantas/Scoot• Carry out research into the 2 companies o Quality research across both of the companies allocated to a team will be required to achieve quality deliverables. This will require both primary and secondary research as well as utilising divergent and convergent approaches.o Areas that should be considered are:? – where they started, how they have expanded, how the business model has changed? Corporate structure and the way company has been setup around the world and how this has changed over time? The way they handle their financials and how this has changed over time e.g. international profits, where they are financially headquartered.? Challenges they have faced as they have grown, implications eg legal, fines etc and how these have been addressed e.g. internal reviews, new processes, revised structure etc? The degree or measure of Corporate Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Orientation, Entrepreneurial Intensity• Draw conclusions from this research o Research provides the basis for insights and conclusions. Areas to consider are: o For each company? The changes that have occurred over time as the company has grown? Insights, observations etc into the reasons for these changes? Insights into the level of Entrepreneurship in the company as it has grown? Insights, observations etc about how the company could enhance their level of entrepreneurship and/or share positive examples with other companieso Across the companies? Compare and contrast the two companies, ? What are the differences, similarities?? Insights into the reasons for these differences, similarities? If you were a consultant what would you recommendDeliverables• There are broadly three types of deliverables. All of these are used to determine the marks the team and the student receives for the group project:o Assets generated as part of the ongoing project process e.g. Pair selection, CV upload, Meeting minutes, activity allocation…o Assets generated as final deliverables: Report & PowerPoint presentation o The final presentation in Week 11 (15 minutes per team)? Equally shared across team membersMicrosoft TeamsMicrosoft Teams will be used as the collaboration platform• You MUST have access to your UBSS email to access Teams• You must download the Teams client to your laptop/mobile o The web only interface has reduced capability• Also using Microsoft Planner within Teams to track activities and assignmentGroup Projects are about TeamworkALL team members to contribute equally:• During the research phase• During the creation of the final deliverables• During the final presentationThose NOT contributing will be:• Moved out of groups• At risk of zero marksEngagement• Responding to emails• Attending and engaging in meetings• Active participationNO EXCUSES• Course outline• Content on Moodle• Reminders in lectures• This lectureGuidelines on FormatWhilst not prescriptive, a suggested high-level format is as follows.1. Context/Introduction2. Company A o Research o Conclusions3. Company Bo Research o Conclusions4. Comparisonso Differences/Similarities o Conclusions5. Overall Conclusions/ RecommendationsTimings• Midnight Tuesday 9th February o Each student to have uploaded a copy of their CV to the Teams site (Uploaded CVs channel)• Midnight Monday 14th February o Team to have identified a Nominated Point of Contact (NPC) and confirmed via message in theGeneral Channel of the Teams site o The NPC for each team to indicate the team’s choice of company pair via message in the GeneralChannel of the Teams site o Minutes from first team meeting, using the provided template, recording attendees and key topics and decisions (Meeting Minutes Channel)• Midnight Monday 22nd February o Minutes from team meeting, using the provided template, recording attendees and key topics and decisions (Meeting Minutes Channel)• Midnight Monday 1st March o Minutes from team meeting, using the provided template, recording attendees and key topics and decisions (Meeting Minutes Channel)• Midnight Monday 8th March o Minutes from team meeting, using the provided template, recording attendees and key topics and decisions (Meeting Minutes Channel)• Midnight Monday 15th March (i.e. before Week 10 lecture) o FINAL versions of project report AND project presentation to be uploaded to Assessment link onMoodle – the link will close at midnight 15th March o Only content uploaded to Moodle BEFORE the deadline can be used in the Week 11 presentation o Miss the deadline then no presentation in Week 11• Remainder of Week 10 up to Week 11 lecture o Time used for rehearsals• Week 11 lecture o Each team will be allocated a 15 minute presentation slot o This time must be evenly distributed across the team membersAssessment Criteria• 100 marks, worth 25% of total course marks o 80 marks for team contribution o 20 marks individual contribution• Measured by reference to: o Team: Quality of Research and Analysis, Depth of Content, Quality of Materials, Teamwork o Personal: Delivery, knowledge, contribution

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