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Assignment Details:
In this assignment, you need to describe a market of your choice and several companies within that sector. The market position of those companies needs to be explored so that you can explain Porter’s five forces in that market. This is followed by a closer look at one of the companies with a detailed SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis. Next, you will explain the company’s core process of value creation well before recommending a change to the company. Finally, you will propose a new business in the same industry.Specification:Weight: 25%Length: 1200 – 2000 wordsType: IndividualSubmission: Online via Turnitin (inside Assessment folder)Late Submission: 10% per dayDue: 11:59 PM, Friday, 19th March 2021University of Technology SydneyTasks for Assignment 1 and MarkingTasks for Assignment 1Tasks Description Word limit / Guideline Marks1 Indicate an existing market of your choice and describe clearly what that market entails. 50 – 100 words 22 Search for existing companies in the market (up to 3, including both new and matured/publicly-traded ones) and compare their market positions. 200 – 300 words 53 Explain Porter’s five forces in the chosen market. Give some examples related to the companies mentioned above. 300 – 500 words 54 Choose your favourite of the three companies you have mentioned above. a SWOT analysis for the company. 200 – 300 words 45 Explain the core process of value creation by the company in the chosen market. (Outline the steps to show what happens in that business unit and create a suitable diagram of your own to illustrate the processes) 200 – 400 words 66 Recommend a change to the company. This could be an improvement of their existing processes or the creation of a new business unit. 50 – 100 words 17 Propose a new business (product or service) in the same industry. Include a brief problem definition(encountered by customers) or other justification for your new business. 100 – 200 words 2Note: Tables and diagrams or pictures are not counted towards the word limit.UTS Marking SchemaHD Work of outstanding quality on all objectivesD Work of superior quality on all objectivesC Work of good quality showing more than satisfactory achievement on all objectivesP Work showing a satisfactory achievement on all objectivesX Work showing an unsatisfactory achievement on one or more objectivesUniversity of Technology Sydney

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